Why Bridal Prep is One of My Favourite Parts of the Wedding Day

Bridal prep is only a short part of a wedding day, and every part of the day is special in its own way. The ceremony is full of such precious moments, the speeches come with fantastic reactions, and the evening is filled with some very choice dance moves. But one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph, is when the bride is getting ready.

Whether it be at home, a hotel room or the hair dressers; the bride is surrounded by close family and friends. Although nervous for the day she is relaxed in familiar surroundings. Champagne is often flowing and music playing…everyone is always smiling.

Liverpool Wedding Photography Bridal Prep Liverpool Wedding Blog

You can’t help but smile while you’re there during bridal prep. The excitement is contagious!

I love seeing the bride get her makeup done (I’m pretty simple when it comes to my makeup so I’m often fascinated by the number of brushes and suitcases makeup artists bring with them). The bride always looks so beautiful, not only because of her hair and makeup, for me, its the smile. A Brides smile when she is getting ready is so special. Its a mixture of excitement, nervousness and joy!

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I love being one of the first people to see THE dress. Hanging up waiting to be put on, shoes and jewellery laid out near by and often accompanied by the bridesmaids dresses. Photographing all those little details that have been so carefully planned is so fun! And of course, photographing everyone’s reactions to seeing the bride in her dress! Its such a precious moment to be a part of and I feel so privileged every time that my brides trust me enough to be there.

I love when couples get to see their photographs for the first time! Especially when the groom sees the bridal prep photos!

Liverpool Wedding Photography Bridal Prep Liverpool Wedding Blog

I also love when the couple get to see their photographs for the first time. The groom doesn’t get the chance to experience what its like for girls when they get ready for a wedding, and I love being able to give him a glimpse into that time.

What’s your favourite part of the wedding day?

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