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Bright, Colourful and Unique Wedding Stationery by Jazz Stan Artworks

Bright and beautiful wedding stationery…

Jazz Stan Artworks Wedding Stationery Liverpool Wedding Blog

I had the pleasure of meeting Jess from Jazz Stan Art a few weeks ago and fell in love with her illustrations! If you’re looking for something a little less traditional, filled with colour and truly unique for your wedding stationery, she’s the girl for you!

Tell us a little bit about you and your business…

I’ve been selling art since I was 16 and painting murals for 8 years, I began creating custom made illustrations and artworks 5 years ago at a reasonable price to make commissioning art more accessible. I’ve been constantly adding new options and styles to chose for made to order paintings. I started hand painting wedding stationary and that has lead on to painting seating charts with illustrations, centre pieces, signs, bridal party quote drawings, paintings featuring a couples travels and wedding venue paintings as gifts.

Jazz Stan Artworks Wedding Stationery Liverpool Wedding Blog
Where do you get your inspiration from? 
I feel as though I get inspired and absorb so many things that come through in my work be it music, fabrics and patterns, scenery, architecture and packaging. I am mostly driven by colour and it is the starting point and the fuel for all of my work so working with a wedding colour theme is the initial inspiration when working in weddings for me and if there isn’t one I tend to be inspired by seasons or the weddings location for the palette.
What do you love about designing wedding stationery? 
Designing any part of a wedding is such an honour and is so special but the stationary and invitations I love to do especially as it is the introduction to a couple’s day. It’s the first physical thing the guests will see and sets the tone for the event so it’s so important to capture a couple’s aesthetic and character through this piece to get everyone excited for their day.
Jazz Stan Artworks Wedding Stationery Liverpool Wedding Blog
We can see from your designs that you love Liverpool! What’s your favourite thing about the city? 
I have a real love for Liverpool, it’s where it all began for me. I studied and lived in London and returned to Liverpool 4 years ago when I was able to go freelance full time with my artworks thanks to the support of the people here. Everyone spreading the word and getting so excited by what I do means I get to do what I love everyday so without the sense of community and encouragement I get from everyone is personally what I love about Liverpool, I feel like I owe this city so much! How friendly and kind everyone is I think encourages small business to thrive and the amount new independent businesses constantly growing is so wonderful and creates such vitality in the city which I’ve really noticed since I moved back.
 Jazz Stan Artworks Wedding Stationery Liverpool Wedding Blog
Designing any part of a wedding is such an honour and is so special but the stationary and invitations I love to do especially as it is the introduction to a couple’s day
Paper is traditionally the first wedding anniversary present, which fits perfectly with your products. If someone was looking for a wedding or anniversary gift what type of illustration would you recommend to them? 
Wedding venue paintings is probably one of my most popular gift requests and as all my work is it is available completely personalised with names and dates, wedding flowers and the couples honeymoon and previous travels in their wedding colour scheme, another popular choice are home portraits if they have bought their first home. Posters created of wedding vows, poems and speeches are a lovely, thoughtful gift idea people have requested and combined cityscapes of where the two people come from.
Jazz Stan Artworks Wedding Stationery Liverpool Wedding Blog
How did you get started in wedding stationery? 
A few years ago a friend asked me to design her wedding invitations and she was so happy with the result she asked me to paint her table planner which each table illustrated and named with cities they’d travelled to. and the theme of the invitation was Vietnam where they got engaged so the colours where so fantastic to work with.
 Jazz Stan Artworks Wedding Stationery Liverpool Wedding Blog
What is your favourite design at the moment and why?
I painted a bundle for a local couple of a feature painting with their favourite parts of the city with their names and wedding date with accompanying guest book poster, drawings on easels for centre pieces and a table planner with places of significance in Liverpool which were some of my favourite parts of the city too so that was fun to put my Love for Liverpool into it. The feature painting was turned into illustrations for the wedding cake which was so fun to see that come to life in icing which made it my favourite wedding design so far!
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