The Liverpool Wedding Blog Loves…Groove Manuva

Entertainment is a big part of any wedding day and what better way to entertain your guests than with a live band?!

We caught up with Groove Manuva to learn more about what they do.┬áHere’s what they had to say…

How long has the band been established?
Groove Manuva have been together since 2010 and with a couple of additions, we have the same lineup so we are very used to playing together by now!

What areas do you cover?
Members of the band are based between Liverpool and Leeds but we play all over the UK. Usually though we go as far north as Newcastle and south to Birmingham.

Theres nothing better than seeing everybody on the dance floor rocking out!

What do you love most about performing at weddings?
Weddings are great when everyone just gets involved and has a great time. There’s nothing better than seeing everybody in the building on the dance floor rocking out, even the bride’s nan!

What style of music do you prefer to play?
We like anything that has a great groove (hence the name) and makes you want to shake something! When we are not doing that, some members of the band like progressive jazz/metal and catstep. We don’t normally talk about that though..

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Can you give a wedding planning top tip?
When booking a band for your wedding, make sure you approach them directly through their website rather than through an agency. Agencies will typically add 20% on top of the fee you pay so you can save money and still get a great service by going direct.

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What do you love most about Liverpool?
We would say this, but it’s the people. Friendly and great fun. Life is too short to be too serious and we try to have fun whatever we are doing. Even our band members from Manchester and Leeds agree!

If you’re looking for entertainment you should definitely look these guy’s up!

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