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Meet Expert Seamstress Sophie, Owner of Recovamp

Hello! I’m Sophie, the dressmaker and seamstress for The Liverpool Wedding Blog. I am SO excited to be a part of this new venture!

the Liverpool Wedding Blog Wedding Seamstress

We’re all pretty damn good at what we do and this collaboration feels like the most obvious thing in the world!

I just studied my favourite subjects at college as I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life, I just knew it had to be creative, and hopefully self employed!

I went to Leeds Met Uni (now called Leeds Beckett) to study Design, and basically experimented with different types of designing (and partying) for four years! I loved graphic and service design the most, and of course textiles.

Being at uni made me realise that having my own business could be more than just a dream, and for one particular module we were looking into sustainability and how to create sustainable products and prevent waste materials…and all of a sudden I realised that I’d been doing that for years! The “make do and mend” concept was just coming back into fashion too, even though I’d been ripping up old clothes to use as fabric, patching jeans and repairing dropped hems and ripped seams since I’d first learnt to sew! The amount of quality fabrics going to landfill, albeit with stains and tears, is ludicrous! And the amount is ever-increasing with the introduction of “fast fashion” – clothes that can be on the rack before a trend has barely even started, worn for five minutes, then discarded in a landfill before it inevitably ends.

So that’s when I decided to change the world one pair of jeans at a time, and Recovamp was born!

Not long after graduation I enrolled on a business course and started making one off handbags, soft furnishings and jewellery, all from recycled materials (usually old clothes and broken jewellery that were donated to me!) I started selling them in shops and then I was getting more and more custom orders. I was also getting random requests – can I take up trousers? Could I repair a rip in a favourite dress? Patch some worn jeans? I couldn’t see why not! Combining all my knowledge of garment making and textile design, as well as my over active creative flair, made me very conscientious towards alterations and repairs!

A few years ago I qualified as a teacher of adults – I have worked in colleges and adult learning centres, but I much prefer private tuition – setting up classes in local shops and bars or going into clients’ homes and teaching them how to sew and make their own clothes and soft furnishings is so much fun!

Recovamp is an ethical Textiles company with a zero waste policy and my aim is to make textile items more sustainable.

Whether changing an old garment into something new, or altering your clothes to keep up with trends, or even learning how to do that for yourself; it’s more eco-friendly than buying more clothes!

When I started altering wedding dresses I felt like I had come home! I love the detail that goes into them, the technicality that’s all hidden within the seams, and the engineering of fitting them perfectly to a client’s body. People think my job is really girly, and of course the wedding dresses are beautiful, but I always see the beauty in how the dress has been constructed and fitted. In this job you quickly get to know that no two bodies are the same! I do not like the constraints that dress sizes cause, not to mention the utter despair on a bride’s face when she knows she fits a size 12 in most high street shops, but her perfect size 12 dress doesn’t fit her!

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A well fitted wedding dress, whether it started out as a size 10 or a size 20, is absolutely impeccable to helping create your perfect day. It’s all in the measuring! Let’s throw “standard proportions” out of the window and make your dress look perfect for you!







Sophie is the owner of Recovamp, an ethical textiles company with a zero waste policy. She loves wedding dress alterations because of the detail that goes into them. Sophie believes a well fitted wedding dress is absolutely impeccable to helping create your perfect day!


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