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Would You Wear Your Wedding Dress Again?

Your wedding dress is more than likely to be the most expensive dress you’ll ever buy, and probably the most important you’ll ever wear!

But if you like getting your money’s worth then there are a few things to consider before buying your wedding dress…

How many different materials are in your dress?
Can you count them? I dare you to try! An average wedding dress might have a polyester lining, nylon netting, polyester satin skirt, several layers of tulle, lace appliqués, plastic boning, plastic beads and sequins, and diamantés with metal casings… and that’s just the skirt!
Could anything be taken off it to make it look less bridal? Underskirts, beads and lace, for example. Could it be taken back to the fabric pieces it was originally constructed with? What could be made with them? The possibilities are endless!
Wedding Dress Liverpool Wedding Blog
There are five different fabrics layered in this dress just to make the skirt!
Are you wanting a figure hugging dress or a huge ballgown? Whatever style you go for consider how much fabric is in the dress – the more there is the more you’ll have to play with after your big day. Especially if you put weight on during the honeymoon period!
Corsets are timeless but would you wear one again? Personally, I think they look fab with anything. The bodice and skirt of your dress could be taken apart so you’ll have two new items of clothing.
If you want to be fashion forward on your wedding day, don’t go for the dress that has just strutted straight off the catwalk – if it is in fashion now, it will probably go out of fashion by next season. Choose a dress that is a classic silhouette but has a modern twist on the fabric – I believe rose-gold is here to stay and would make a jaw-dropping statement on a fishtail style dress.
wedding dress liverpool wedding blog
I believe rose gold is here to stay!
Most wedding dresses are ivory, white, off-white… nice pale colours that would be easy to dye you may think. But I’m afraid this isn’t the case. Whether a fabric dyes or not is down to it’s fibre content – see ‘materials’ above. Natural fibres like cotton, wool and viscose (it’s made from trees don’t you know!) dye well, but don’t last as long as man-made fabrics – think of all these vintage clothes that are back in fashion and how they’ve lasted this long – moths only like nice natural fibres!
Wedding Dress liverpool wedding blog
These lace appliqués may dye a completely different colour to the rest of the fabric, if at all!
I’m going to be changing up someone’s wedding dress soon so she can wear it again. I am very excited to experiment with dye! Look out for the blog post 😉
wedding dress liverpool wedding blog
Clear sequins will stay clear if you dye them. Whatever the colour of your dress, you will always have a little bit of sparkle!

If you’re interested in having your, or somebody else’s, wedding dress changed into something new so it can be worn again please contact me here at the Wedding Blog or via my website and we can have a chat.



Sophie is the owner of Recovamp, an ethical textiles company with a zero waste policy. She loves wedding dress alterations because of the detail that goes into them. Sophie believes a well fitted wedding dress is absolutely impeccable to helping create your perfect day!

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