Wedding Traditions and Rules

How have wedding traditions changed over the years? Are there wedding traditions that you’re staying away from in your planning?

When my mum and Dad got married (a very healthy 48 years ago), parts of the wedding day were very similar to how they are now as most brides these days like to keep up with “tradition”.  But some of the day was very different and it shows how times have changed and weddings have evolved. You didn’t live with your partner, you waited to have children (and if you dared get pregnant outside of legal wed, it was a shot gun wedding for you!). After a lovely conversation and comparing my own wedding to my mums I had to laugh at a few things that have since changed over the years.

Wedding Traditions Liverpool Wedding Blog Hartiescraft

The wedding “Gift List”

One of the Brides jobs would be to write out their own gift list of items they wished to receive for their new abode… toaster, kettle, dinner service, towels, bedding, you name it, your guests were kitting out your new pad! The guests would also be invited round to the bride’s parents house who would have all these gifts on display and have a good look at all the gifts for the happy couple a few days before the wedding.

Madness, I was far too busy with wedding prep to be entertaining guests before the big day.

There are no rules for your big day any more!

The Bridal March

Traditionally the bride would enter the church first with her bridesmaids following behind (who subsequently tripped over my mum’s train). My mum wasn’t at all comfortable with my choice of bridal march on my day as I wanted my bridesmaids to enter first and save the best (me) till last. Because let’s face it, no one’s waiting for the grand entrance of the bridesmaids, at that point it’s all about the bride!

Wedding Traditions Liverpool Wedding Blog Hartiescraft

The Grand Exit

Apparently, a massive evening shin dig wasn’t the done thing either. After the wedding breakfast, the Bride would change into her “going away” outfit, they’d say goodbye to their guests, and head off on honeymoon. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but I was intending on taking full advantage of my evening reception to have the best party I had ever been too! No one was making me leave before my last guest had left. (4am to be precise and I had an absolute ball!)

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Times have definitely changed though and although the majority of the day is pretty similar in “tradition”, I genuinely believe that there are no rules for your big day any more. It’s your and your partner’s to organise it however you like. There is no one to tell you what you can and can’t have, if you want to cartwheel down the aisle or skydive down to your venue, who’s going to tell you that you can’t? So go forth and organise your day without worrying about what other people will think 😊

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