Who Should I Bring to My Bridal Dress Appointment?

Shopping for your dress is exciting…but who do you bring along to your dress appointment?

Shopping for the most important dress you’re likely to wear is such an exciting time! Everyone wants to get involved in the experience and feel the excitement, but who should you take with you when shopping? TV shows from Say Yes To The Dress to Don’t Tell The Bride often show large groups getting involved in the wedding dress shopping, but a lot of the time it can make your decision much harder to make when trying to please so many different people with their own tastes in your ‘entourage’.

I’ve seen a few occasions where brides have come in to the boutique, tried on a few dresses and finally found ‘the one’, only to be left heart broken because one person in their large group said they ‘like’ the dress rather than love it! It’s then so hard for you as a bride to really trust your judgement on what’s the right style of wedding dress for you.

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Ultimately the choice is yours, so trust your gut!

Some brides find dress shopping easy visiting one store and finding the dress first time, others visit so many that they forget what they’ve already tried on!

As a bridal boutique owner who helps brides find what makes them feel amazing every day, my advice would be this:

  • When you decide to go shopping have a few ideas in mind, but don’t be afraid to try on the styles you don’t think are for you, as you never know!
  • Take one or two people whose style and opinion you trust with you on the day, but ultimately the choice is with you and how the dress makes you feel so trust your gut feeling.
  • Once you’ve found the dress of your dreams let the rest of your ‘entourage’ know and arrange a time for them to come and see you in YOUR gown.



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I say this to all the brides who visit me and that’s this: a wedding dress is more about a ‘feeling’ than anything else. Ultimately as you’re wearing the dress, only you can know how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel like the most beautiful version of you then it’s definitely the one!

Carol x



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