3 Reasons I had an Unplugged Wedding

Unplugged weddings are becoming more and more popular, yet they still cause massive controversy. So what are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with unplugged weddings?

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Me? I love unplugged weddings!

And yes I’m a photographer so I’m probably likely to say that….but I have also been a bride. And today I’m not talking to you not as a photographer, I’m talking to you as a bride and as a bride, I knew the first thing on my list was… an unplugged wedding.

An Unplugged Wedding is when the bride and groom ask guests to refrain from taking pictures during the wedding day. Sometimes this refers to just the ceremony, sometimes to the whole day. There are lots of reasons why brides and grooms choose to ask guests not to take photos such as not wanting cameras and phones in the professional photos.

As a bride an unplugged wedding was important because…

  • Smiles! – Being a photographer, photographs were obviously important, and what I wanted to see in my wedding photographs was faces. I wanted to see the faces and smiles of my guests, the smiles of all the people I love most in the world, not cameras and phone screens.
  • Being in the moment – My wedding was a very personal day. It wasn’t the most traditional. It was filled with so many special and personal touches – from table names to thank you gifts; music composed by my husband to a ceremony we had written ourselves. Every part of the day had something special…and I wanted my guests to pay attention. I wanted them to be in the moment and enjoy it with us, I didn’t want them to be distracted by phones and cameras.
  • No worry – I didn’t want guests to worry about having to take photos – I think sometimes guests are worried that they’ll never see the professional photos…they must think that you’ll never share them. Which is obviously not the case. I wanted my favourite people to all know that the photos would be shared! I also didn’t want my photographer to have to worry about guests getting in the way!

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Some guests might not love the idea of not being able to take photos, but at the end of the day its not their wedding. If you want to have an unplugged wedding then go for it! I’m so happy that I made that decision! Your guests love you and if you let them know that having an unplugged wedding is something thats important to you then you’ll find that people will likely be okay with it. (We included a note with invitations so guests knew right from the start about our choice, we also left a little reminder note on chairs at the ceremony).

Hire a professional photographer, let them worry about taking the photos (after all thats what you’re paying them for). The important thing is that you’re getting married and your favourite people are there to see it!

I’d love to hear your thoughts so let me know in the comments!


Lucy xx

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  1. Avatar


    11th October 2017 at 4:10 pm

    I love the idea of an unplugged wedding, especially as pictures typically end up on social media before the ceremony has finished! Something I’d never do is take a picture of the couple and post to their wall to congratulate them, just go and congratulate them in person, they’ve invited you so you must be close to them surely?!

    BUT, there are pros to guests taking pictures as they can capture some moments not even your professional photographer can. I’ve been to weddings where guests are asked to upload any pictures to a wedding site the couple have set up and others who have left disposable cameras on the tables.

    I’m not sure I’d have the nerve to go for an unplugged wedding but I would ask my guests to refrain from posting on social.

    1. Lucy Price

      Lucy Price

      12th October 2017 at 6:44 pm

      Yes Rachel, it can be a hard decision having an unplugged wedding! Asking guests not to post on social media is a great way to make sure you as a couple get to share the first images but it still means you don’t always get their full attention during the day. The best mid point I’ve found is to just have an unplugged ceremony. This way at the most important moments you have your guests full attention and no phones in your photos, and guests can take photos as they wish for the rest of the day.

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