5 Steps to a Simple Wedding Seating Plan

During wedding season, I am inundated with “on the day” stationery orders and my brides. Even early on in their planning, couples really struggle over their wedding seating plans. From the minute the guest list is written and the invites have gone out, couples wait with anticipation for those RSVP cards so they can start writing that all important seating plan.

A lot of brides struggle with the wedding seating plan!

Seating Plan Liverpool Wedding Blog Hartiescraft

In theory, it should be a straight forward job. Start with the top table including bride, groom, parents, best man and maid of honour (or all bridesmaids depending on how big you’d like your top table) and carry on with the rest of the wedding party.

Reality on the other hand is not so simple!

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Seating Plan Liverpool Wedding Blog Hartiescraft

Some weddings have a very laid-back feel, and rather than have a formal seating plan, just have a sign asking guests to take a seat.  “Pick a seat not a side, were all family once the knot is tied”, that kind of vibe. I’ve also known weddings to deliberately mix the two families together and put every guest next to someone they didn’t know, a brilliant way of bonding all your favourite people. However, if the thought of letting guests sit wherever they choose completely stresses you out and you need a little bit of control over the seating arrangements, here are some tips to a stress-free seating plan:

1 – To start with, try naming your tables rather than leaving then as numbers. There will always be that one guest who gets offended that they’re not on table one and no one wants an upset guest at their special day.

2 – Prioritise who needs to be near to the top table, i.e. grandparents so they can hear speeches etc.

3 – Make sure any family members who would maybe prefer to be at opposite ends are. You won’t want any animosity across the table.

4 – Make sure you check with your venue how many guests each table will seat. You don’t want to have to rearrange the whole plan because you can’t fit everyone around one table.

5 – Seat children next to parents rather than on “the kids table”. They need to be supervised while there are hot plates being served, drinks being poured, and generally a lot going on. Trust me the venue will thank you for keeping them under control!

Seating Plan Liverpool Wedding Blog Hartiescraft

Do you have any tips for creating your wedding seating plan?

I hope this helps as it is a stressful point of your planning. But on the day as long as there are two seats for the happy couple, you probably won’t notice where everyone else is sitting!




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