8 Key Things To Know When Wedding Dress Shopping

Where do you start when wedding dress shopping?

Having had my boutique for a year now (yay happy anniversary Bridal Reloved Liverpool!) there’s things that happen on every bridal appointment that future brides should know about when shopping…

  1. You don’t always need an appointment, although it is advised. Most bridal shops work on an appointment system so that they can be ready for you and plan the day accordingly (especially for busy days such as weekends and bank holidays if they have a one bride at a time policy). However, any good boutique should be welcoming with a smile even if you’re just browsing. wedding dress shopping liverpool wedding blog
  2. Please don’t be late. A lot of bridal boutiques can be extremely busy on certain days and giving each bride adequate time to relax, browse, shop and try on dresses is like a finely choreographed dance! Lateness can have a knock on effect on other brides spoiling their experience and yours.
  3. You don’t need to bring every man and his dog to your appointment. Select your closest friend/s whose style and opinion you value. Once you feel you’ve found the dress for you bring in the girls! Everyone has such different tastes and style; having a large ‘entourage’ with you can make shopping difficult when you’re trying to please everyone, when really, it’s a time to please yourself and choose what makes YOU feel gorgeous![bctt tweet=”You don’t need an ‘entourage’ to make wedding dress shopping fun!” username=”LivWedBlog”]
  4. Don’t be afraid to try. It’s great to have an idea of the style of wedding gown you’d love for your day, but it’s equally ok not to have a clue! Wedding dress shopping can be so overwhelming with so many designers, styles and fabrics to choose from it’s easy to get stressed out! Keep an open mind and even try dresses you think you may not like, you never know, once they’re off the hanger and on your fabulous body, it could just give you all the feels!
  5. Tell us about you and the things you like. Not just wedding dresses, but in life, the overall feel you’d like for the wedding day and what you’re like with your fiancé. Finding your dress is just as much about finding the perfect look as it is finding the perfect style for your personality.
  6. Don’t apologise for your underwear! Bridal consultants see a lot of underwear on a daily basis and a lot of brides feel the need to apologise when they wear non matching, big pants, or haven’t shaved their legs! It’s your appointment – wear what you feel comfortable in so you have a relaxed and fun shopping experience. If you have the underwear you’ll be wearing on your wedding day, even better, so you’ll know how the whole look feels.wedding dress shopping liverpool wedding blog
  7. Don’t wear excessive self tan and makeup to your appointment. It can rub off and damage the dresses int he boutique, especially if trying dresses from boutiques with off the peg dresses.
  8. Have fun, relax and enjoy your time in the boutique. Ask as many questions as you need, take your time and think your decision through. If you need more time don’t be afraid to say, have a break and come back to it. If you need to make another appointment for a few days later to retry the dress you, that way if your gut is still telling you it’s the one you’ll also know you thought it through.

I hope this blogs given you some insight. If you’ve got any questions about what to expect when wedding dress shopping, drop me a message here or at bridalwear@theliverpoolweddingblog.com


Carol xx


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