Beauty Q&A with Glamorama Makeup – Which touch up products do I need?

You’ve booked a professional make-up artist to make you look amazing on your wedding day, but will that perfect look last all night? Our Beauty Expert Vicky King from Glamorama Makeup answers your concerns…

Q: What items are essential for touching up my makeup throughout the day?

A: Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, and you will be having TONS of photos taken all day and all night. It is essential that your makeup stay perfect throughout! Having a professional makeup artist, such as myself, will ensure that your look stays looking flawless all day. However, you may need a few products to help you along. I would recommend:

  • Lipstick! Although there are long-wearing formulas on the market, many of them are very drying on the lips and can go flaky. Not cute on a bride! I recommend using a normal lipstick which has good pigmentation but isn’t drying. I give my brides a small pot of colour to last the day in their touch up kit, or they can purchase a full size lipstick from me.
  • Blotting Papers! These amazing sheets are perfect for soaking up any shine that might break through your makeup. “Should I use a powder?” I hear you say… and to that I say, “NOPE”. Powder is great, but if you are constantly reapplying for many hours, it can go a bit claggy on the skin and start collecting under the eyes and around the nose. I love blotting papers and put them I my touch up kits because they eliminate shine without disturbing the makeup which, frankly, you have probably paid good money for!

    I adore these cute blotting papaers from Korea!
  • Sponge wedges, cotton buds, and tissues. Some other esstetials that I pop into my touch up kits. You are the bride, and innevitably, you will be kissed. Not just by your new spouse, but also family and friends! And you will probably get lipstick on your cheek. Use sponge wedges to gently “rub out” any kisses left behind. Cotton buds are excellent for dabbing away tears in the corners of the eyes. Tissues are for catching ay other tears that have gotten away! My expert advice is to dab the face gently and do not wipe!

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I hope my advice has been helpful! This question has inspired me to write a blog about my favourite products that will help your makeup last all day, so keep an eye out for that very soon!

If you have a burning wedding beauty question, please email me now and I will answer it in an upcoming post!

If you are looking for your perfect wedding makeup artist, check out my website ! I am really proud to be the #1 wedding MUA in Liverpool according to, and I love my brides! You are a unique individual, and I will listen to you and make you look and feel amazing on your special day. I am now booking 2018/2019 so get in touch to request a quote!

Vicky xxx

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  1. Avatar


    23rd September 2017 at 10:04 pm

    Love the sponge wedges for lipstick on the cheek tip!

    Question, how’s a girl supposed to deal with a runny nose? Crying always gets my nose running, then i end up wiping off half my foundation and powder.. Any tips?

    1. Vicky King

      Vicky King

      8th October 2017 at 8:31 pm

      I totally understand girl! My advice… DAB! Do not wipe! Dab dab dab!

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