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Weddings are a very personal celebration, and it’s the little touches that make your day special. We recently met Fiona from Berry Poetic and really loved learning about her personalised wedding poetry. She has become a member of our Suppliers Directory, and answers all of our questions about her beautiful words.

‘The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it’.

Dylan Thomas

Hi I’m Fiona from Berry Poetic! I write Personalised Poems for all occasions. ‘What’s a personalised poem?!’ I hear you say! What better way to explain what I do than with a rhyme!

Berry Poetic aims to deliver

Rhyming gifts to make recipients quiver

With joy, tears, memories and laughter,

Gifts to treasure for ever after.

Whether for birthday, anniversary, wedding or birth,

A poem will tell your loved ones what they are worth!

Retirement, new home or for a loved one who’s gone,

Berry Poetic is the one,

To create something unique, a long-lasting memory,

Personal, bespoke, stories from you, written by me.

So, why might you want a Personalised Poem for your wedding? I get asked lots of questions about what I do (and why), here I will reveal all…

What is a personalised poem?

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone, to tell them how fab or amazing they are? Have you struggled to find the right words or ended up saying or writing something that just sounds really naff? Do you want to be able to say something heartfelt but with a touch of humour thrown in? Yes? Then that’s where Berry Poetic comes in! I take your information and make it into rhyming stories, witty ditties and riveting verse! Your stories, written by me. Every poem is as unique as the individual and makes a touching gift and keepsake to be treasured. We’re become much more thoughtful and ‘deep’ as a generation, getting ‘more in touch with our feelings’ and a personalised poem is the perfect way to show someone what they mean to you! 

How does it work?

A personalised poem is your (and your recipients) story, so the information has to come from you. I send a questionnaire unique to the occasion for the customer to complete. Once I receive questionnaire, I usually need between 1 to 2 weeks to work my poetic prowess and create the first draft which is sent back to the customer for checking for accuracy and proof reading. I will make any tweaks needed until the customer is happy, then voila, the ode to your loved one is complete! Poems can be provided as a PDF for printing at home or printed and framed. 

What information do you ask for? 

The questionnaire asks around 10-12 questions such as how you know the recipient, any funny stories and memories, about any other people to be included, any jobs the recipients had, how you met, any pets, any children and basically anything you want to be included about the person. I do ask on the questionnaire that only information you want including is to be shared – I don’t want to reveal any long-held family secrets through sonnet! I do get told some funny things – my favourite was a guy getting a poem for his anniversary with his girlfriend. He told me that they loved to dance naked around the kitchen in the early hours, I did ask is he was sure he wanted me to include that, which he did. I love that customers trust me with their stories. I always ask for permission to share poems on my social media. 

What kind of tone do you use?

I always aim for a balance of sentiment and humour but it also depends on the information I’m given. I like to think of my poems as a celebration and reflection of life so whether you want your poem to be solemn, funny or rude (ie naked dancing in the kitchen), Berry Poetic will write a poem for you! I have had to ask a customer about certain words and whether they really wanted me to use them (for a speech). I tactfully suggested a version for the actual speech and a version for the printed poem to be gifted to the recipient who was more familiar and accepting of the words used! 

How can a personalised poem be used for a wedding?

A wedding is a couple’s ‘big’ day and should be all about you with lots of personal touches. Creating a wedding that is personal to you both is really important. I want to help bring something to your day that is bespoke to you. I love writing rhyming love stories. Whether they are commissioned as a gift from bride to groom (groom to groom/ bride to bride) or as vows or a wedding speech – poetry is becoming a popular way of expressing words and feelings and is guaranteed to bring tears of joy and laughter (and some brownie points too!). Most people hate public speaking and so a poem can help with confidence when reading vows and for groom/ best man or woman/ bridesmaid/ father of the bride speeches and moves away from ‘cheesy’ generic speeches and readings. 

Personalised poems also make great gifts for bridesmaids, best men, fathers and mothers of the bride and groom as well as hen parties and even ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ gifts.  

How did you get into it?

Funnily enough, it was a wedding! I’ve always loved words and writing but always struggled to find the right words for special occasions. I was bridesmaid for my friend and we used to live in Australia together where it is traditional for bridesmaids to give a speech at the wedding. I wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words until I ended up with a rhyme and started a new passion! Every wedding since I’ve written a poem for the couple. Then the babies came along and then the big birthdays. I’ve written poems for all sorts of occasions, even funerals. A year ago, I finally had the confidence to launch Berry Poetic and I love it!

How much do they cost?

Prices start at £35 and there are various options to suit all budgets. 

Thank you so much Fiona for speaking with us! If you want to get in touch with Fiona to discuss her personalised wedding poems, you can contact her via our Supplier Directory.

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