Bridal Prep – Are You Ready to Get Ready?

  Bridal Prep is a major part of your wedding day, whether you realise it or not.

We have touched on bridal prep in previous articles, “10 Essentials You Need for Your Wedding Morning” and “Why Bridal Prep is My Favourite Part of the Wedding Day”, but I feel that this is a subject that deserves some more attention!

Wedding Prep
Clara Cooper Photography, Makeup by Glamorama Makeup, Hair by Phill Gallagher

As a wedding make-up artist, I am so privilaged to be with the bridal party very first thing. I am going into my seventh year of business this year, that is a lot of wedding mornings! I have been to every hotel and venue in Liverpool, and most on the Wirral and Cheshire. I have also been welcomed into homes all over town. I have some insights about wedding prep, about what does and doesn’t work, and I am going to share with you now.

  • Timing is everything. Time literally flies by on your wedding morning. Make a timeline of how you want the preparations to go, including who is having hair and makeup done when. All of the bridal party need to be showered before they have their hair and/or makeup done. Ensure everyone is aware of where they need to be at what time. This is key to make sure everything runs smoothly and there is no great rush.


  • Is there enough space? There will be lots of people getting ready, and lots of people helping with that process! Your beauty team will need adequate surface space to put out their hair and make-up kits, as well as chairs, mirrors, and access to electric sockets. At some point, there will be your photographer and maybe videographer in the room, and maybe friends and family too! Take time to be sure there is enough room for everyone and for the equipment needed to do their jobs. IFfyou know there will be a lack of space, let your MUA and hairdresser know so that they can be prepared.

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  • How’s the lighting? Again, key for hair and make-up. I have a light that I take with me as hotels are not lit for make-up! But also think about your wedding photos and how the lighting could affect them, and how it might affect anyone who is doing their own hair and/or make-up.
Wedding Makeup
Clara Cooper Photography, Makeup by Glamorama Makeup, Hair by Phill Gallagher
  • Where is breakfast? Eating is super important. It is a very long day and you might not have your meal until 4 pm. Make sure you have something arranged for breakfast for everyone, especially if the champagne is flowing!


  • Can people park nearby? Whether you are getting ready in your hotel or venue, or at home, will there be accessable parking for your wedding party and suppliers? If there are parking restrictions, you need to let people know so that everyone arrives on time. I always check out where I am going and make sure about parking, but I have been surprised a few times and had to park further away than expected, which adds on travel time. It is best to know ahead of time.
Wedding Prep
Clara Cooper Photography, Makeup by Glamorama Makeup, Hair by Phill Gallagher

There are so many things you need to think about when planning your wedding, and sometimes you may not realise the little things that are so very important. Hope this list has been helpful! Don’t forget you can email me with your questions and I will answer them in an upcoming post.

Vicky xxx


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