Wedding Stationery – Can You Budget for it?

From the minute you set your date, your planning starts. Whether it be 12 weeks away, 12 months or 2 years the lists will be out in force, and the most important one (for most people) is the budget.

Liverpool Wedding Stationery Wedding Invitatons Hartiescraft

Now if you haven’t planned a wedding before, which is common for most brides, how do you start planning out your budget?

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I know when I started planning mine, I wrote down everything I needed, and GUESSED how much I’d be spending on each supplier. I didn’t do any research or get any quotes to begin with I just guessed! Not the best way to plan a budget as depending on what you’re wanting, most suppliers prices are quote based on your requirements, rather than one set price.

When I’m displaying my samples and meeting brides at wedding shows, I give a basic price range from my lowest to my most expensive, but every sample I make is quoted individually. Depending on how busy or simple you’d like the design, what extras you’d like e.g. gift poem, rsvp card, venue details etc., this is all taken into consideration when quoting.

A lot of brides think that as soon as the word ‘wedding’ is mentioned, we see dollar signs and ass a few £0’s onto the end of our quotes. This really isn’t the case with a lot of suppliers.

To form a quote takes some planning from our side. How much card will I need for this design, ribbon, embellishments etc, and in turn how much it will cost me. How long will this order take me to make and how much admin time do I spend responding to messages and dealing with your requests so that your order is nothing less than perfect.

Liverpool Wedding Stationery Wedding Invitatons Hartiescraft

I often get enquiries which start off with “how much are your invites?” and my response can be slightly daunting if you have no clue what you’re looking for!

So, some of the questions that may be asked to start with are –

What style of invitations are you looking for?

Do you have a colour scheme or theme for your wedding?

How many wedding invitations are you looking for (daytime and evening)?

So once I have an idea of your style and image of your wedding the process can begin and for me this is the fun part! I get to let loose my creativity and design, something that will hopefully WOW you and be exactly what you’re after, even if you didn’t know it before…

So before you ‘guesstimate’ your budget, shop around, get some samples and quotes from different suppliers, but bear in mind the handmade ones are just that, physically handmade with care, love and attention to detail, and this will most definitely be reflected in the price.

If you need some help on where to start with your budget, make sure you sign up to our newsletter and get your free printable wedding planner, complete with a handy budget tracker!

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