Creating Wedding Memories with Scent

They say that scent is key in triggering memories, and what better way to remember your wedding day than by using scented candles. Our very own Carol has recently launched a collection of beautiful hand poured candles, find out more…

Have you ever gotten a sniff of a fragrance that’s taken you instantly back to a time, place or person? Different scents can trigger forgotten memories, emotion and capture our imagination!

From conjuring up time old memories to transporting you to another place scent can have an overwhelming reaction in your brain! and that’s why I’ve fallen in love with the idea of ‘scenting your wedding day’. What better way to instantly be transported back to your magical day than with the help of your favourite scent whether it be the perfume you wear on the day or the newest idea of scented candles to fill the air! 

Using candles to scent your wedding day is a fantastic idea, candles have always been incorporated in most wedding ceremonies to enhance the romantic feel of the day and ambiance of the occasion. With this in mind why not have them scented to fill the room with gorgeous aromas! 
Candle Collective UK offer the option to choose your bespoke scent, jar and personalised labelling making it easy for you to style and scent your wedding day. With the scent you’ve chosen floating through the air you can even choose to give your guests a wedding favour in the candle of your choice to give them a reminder of your day. 

In years to come each anniversary or whenever the mood takes you, light your wedding day candle and be transported back to the time of your favourite day!

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