A Day in the Life of a… Liverpool Wedding Make-up Artist

What is involved with being a Liverpool Wedding make-up artist?

Do we get to play with make-up all day? How much time do we spend making up ourselves? I am going to tell you all about a typical Saturday as a Liverpool Wedding Make-up Artist for Glamorama Makeup during wedding season!

Liverpool Wedding Blog Liverpool Make-up artist
5.00 am – Alarm goes off! Today’s wedding booking requires us to start at 7.00 am, so I am up early. This is a typical start time for most weddings, but I do get some bookings that need to start at 6.00 am or earlier. I will have washed brushes,cleaned and packed my kit, and put together the bride’s touch-up kit before going to bed at 9.00 pm the night before. I will have a wash, brush my teeth, and get dressed in the relative dark as my hubby is still asleep. I brush my hair and throw it up in a clip, and apply bare minimum make-up just to make me look alive!
6.00 am – Cup of tea and breakfast time! I always eat eggs on wedding mornings. The high protein keeps me fuller for longer and gives me the energy I need to get through the morning. After breakfast, I get my clean dry brushes packed, load up my car, and head off to the bridal party!

I work until everyone is finished and looking amazing!

7.00 am – I arrive and set up. Sometimes it is just make-up, sometimes both hair and makeup. Sometimes I am on my own, other times I will have my second artist Shereen with me for larger bookings. I am always offered a tea or coffee, and I usually just stick to water. Caffeine can lead to shaky hands and that doesn’t mix well with eye liner! I start glamming up the wedding party and work straight through until everyone is finished and looking amazing! Top ups of lip stick and final touch ups are always done before I leave.

12.00 pm – LUNCH! I always book time out to have something to eat after a big wedding! I always want an ice cold diet coke when I finish. If Shereen is with me, we might treat ourselves to a pub lunch to celebrate a job well done.
1.30 – I always have other clients booked in on Saturdays for make-up and/or hair. I will usually do 3 – 5 more bookings on a Saturday, at people’s homes or at hotels or apartments in Liverpool. I will typically finish around 7 or 8 pm.

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8.30 pm – Home! I unpack my kit from my car. Even though I spot clean and disinfect my brushes between clients, I will give them a thorough wash. Once that is finished, I will have some dinner (thanks to my hubby for cooking every Saturday!), respond to any emails, texts, or voicemails I have received during the day, and finally chill in front of the TV with a glass of wine! On Sunday, I will clean and organise my make-up kit, order any items that need replenishing, and schedule my Facebook posts for the week.

Liverpool Wedding Blog Liverpool Make-up artist
I hope this has given you some insight to a typical Saturday for this Mobile Liverpool Wedding Make-up Artist! It is a long day, but loads of fun, and I absolutely LOVE what I do. I would never want to do anything else as a career!

Vicky x

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Liverpool Wedding Make-up Artist

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