Don’t do Valentine’s? Don’t worry! 15 ways you can make every day special

It was Valentine’s Day yesterday, and while a lot of loved up couples everywhere were celebrating, it’s not for everyone.

We have mixed feelings about Valentine’s here at The Liverpool Wedding Blog – some of us love it, some of us hate it. But we do agree that being in a committed relationship means that you should show your partner how much you love them everyday! Here are our top suggestions to demonstrate your affection and adoration to your loved one, with not a novelty chocolate in sight…

Show Your Partner You Love Them – Today and Every Day!

  1. Bring them tea or coffee in the morning. Whether it be in bed, in the shower, or to go, it’s just a little gesture that can mean a lot on hectic mornings. Add toast for extra points.
  2. Make them a playlist. This can also be useful for when you are planning your wedding music!
  3. Declare a screen free night. No devices, no tv. Light some candles, cozy up on the sofa, and chat away. Or “chill”. Totally up to you.
  4. Make dinner. Especially if you’re not the one who does most of the cooking. Bonus for amuse bouche type starters and gooey desserts.
  5. Wash up after dinner, if your partner does the cooking, you do the cleaning after. Only fair!
  6. Go on a regular date night. This is especially important if you have kids! Spending quality time together doing something fun is just the best.
  7. Write them a spontaneous love note. I have a little piece of paper that my hubby wrote words of love on, and I keep it stuck to my mirror. It means the world to me!
  8. Text them to tell them you love them and you hope they are having a good day. Especially nice to receive if they have an important event happening.
  9. Wash their car for them. What a lovely surprise!
  10. Create a photobook of your couple selfies. There are lots of apps that are easy to use to take your snaps of your phone and make them into an album for minimal cost.
  11. Make breakfast in bed. It always feels decadent and special. Make their favourite breakfast foods, add a flower to the tray, newspapers or magazines.
  12. Run them a bubble bath. Light candles, pour some wine, put on soft music, and warm a fluffy towel on the radiator.
  13. Work on your goals together. Talk to them about what their dreams and aspirations are, help and support them to make it happen.
  14. Try something new together. Learn a new skill, take a class, try a new sport. If you suck at it, you can have a right laugh together! And if you’re great at it, you’ve got something fun to do together.
  15. Celebrate the little things. Success at work? Ticked of a major to do item on your wedding planning list? Didn’t kill anyone after a bad day? Pop a cork and make a toast!

How do you make every day special?

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