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We love when we can introduce you all to new local suppliers and today we’re chatting to Emily from Luna June about her gorgeous wedding stationery.

Are you looking for modern wedding stationery? Then keep reading…

beautiful designs from Luna June wedding stationery

Tell us a little about you and your business…

Growing up I’ve never been able to keep my paws out of all things art and design – from making clothes in England to painting cocktail bar murals in Australia, I’ve done it, but never quite found that project that really makes me tick. After studying a Decorative Arts Degree, I realised my love for Graphic Design and became obsessed with all things 2D and digital. I created branding packages for numerous companies, designed poster collections and made myself a fancy online portfolio, but low and behold, it just wasn’t enough. Lucky for me (and my wonderful boyfriend Tom, who has patiently encouraged all of my artsy inventions!) a special couple in our lives decided to tie the knot and needed a helping hand with all things stationery. Of course, I dove straight in, crafting up several design themes that were on trend, romantic and perfectly suited to the soon-to-be-weds. Creating the first steps in my friend’s journey from engagement to marriage gave me so much joy and inspired me to finally turn my hand to Wedding Stationery, and I haven’t looked back since.

Luna Juna is a fun and modern take on traditional wedding stationery, incorporating elements of whimsical romance with current trends to ensure your invites are unforgettably beautiful.
What is it you love about wedding stationery?
It sounds completely cliché but my family are the absolute centre of my world, and marriage is where this all began, so it’s always been something I hold close to my heart. I’m that girl that melts a little bit when she sees a cute old couple holding hands in the street. I love true love. And not only this, but my partner of almost two years, Tom, has shown me what love really is and made me the happiest lady in the world. So, as you can tell, I’m an absolute softy, and wedding stationary just seemed to be a match made in heaven for my love for graphic design. Creating the window to people’s special day is the most exciting challenge in the world!
Parisian inspired wedding stationery
Where do you get inspiration from for your designs?
As an ex-interior designer and visual merchandiser, I’m extremely interested in material alchemy: the conversations between textures and colours. Daily researching of sumptuous and contemporary styling and palettes provides me with a heap of inspiration, and I usually find myself stuck like a deer in headlights because I have too many ideas at once (I guess I can’t complain about this!). I always want to be ahead of the game and regularly use elements of current trends to really set my collections aside from the rest wherever I can. And then there’s my huge love for typography. Some of the collections have come from a single font style that I’ve just loved. I’m actually working on a collection right now that focuses mainly on bold lettering – watch this space!
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modern floral wedding stationery
What advice would you give to brides and grooms who are starting to look for their wedding stationery? 
Trust your gut and go with your heart. There’s a huge range of designs and designers on the market today, and this can be a little overwhelming, making it hard to pin point your own wedding style. Before setting out on your stationery finding expedition, sit down on a Sunday afternoon and make a great big mood board of all the things you would love to have at your wedding: types of flowers, colour palettes, textures, patterns, decor, accessories and most importantly (for me), cakes! Before you know it you’ll of created a wonderful (and maybe a little messy – I do love a good cut and stick though) picture of what your wedding style might be.
Bold geometric wedding stationery
What trends do you think we’ll see in wedding stationery over the next year?
Minimalism is a new way of life that lots of cultures are trying to incorporate into their everyday, and you can see this taking effect on all aspects of design, including wedding stationery. Consequently, there’s been a surge of contemporary designers turning to this part of the industry recently, which is really exciting. I think invites will become less about fancy schmancy lace and diamonds, and more about surface and modern patterns. Vellum is going to be massive!
What do you love about Liverpool? Do you have a favourite wedding venue?
Liverpool blew me away the second I stepped foot here. There’s a little bit of everything in every direction and the people are the nicest I’ve ever met. A few things that I love are: the magnificent architecture all around the city, the fact that there’s a Tate gallery, the Philharmonic, the mental wigwam church, Bold Street independent shopping, the famous Docks and Mersey river, the fact that it’s in the middle of two gorgeous national parks (The Lakes and Snowdonia) and the fact that it’s surrounded by beautiful coastline. When I met my partner Tom, and he took me to his hometown, New Brighton, where you can see the Liverpool skyline ahead. It was breathtaking (and I sampled the best chip shop chips I’ve ever had). Since then I’ve been lucky enough to move here and have Liverpool on my doorstep and I feel like the luckiest lady in the world.
There’s lots of gorgeous venues here but SIREN has got to be my favourite. The floor to ceiling windows that carve the entrance provide a gorgeous backdrop to any wedding, and compliment the industrial style interior which is bang on trend. I went to a wedding here this summer and the food was delicious. I wanted to come back the next day! And as if that’s not enough, they have a rooftop with a 360 view of the city. If I was to get married anywhere in Liverpool it would definitely be here.
modern leaf print wedding stationery
We’ve had so much fun getting to know you Emily and we LOVE your Luna June designs!! If you’d like to see more of her work make sure you check out…
Instagram: @lunajunepaperco
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