Groom with a View: Prizes Come with a Catch

Our blogging groom is back…

Okay, where were we? New Year plans. After significant beating around the bush, my bride-to-be and I attended the Echo Arena Wedding show. We had created three lists:

  1. Possible venues (to be added to)
  2. Who we thought we would invite
  3. Possible dates.

One of the things that scares me as the Groom is the cost. You just have to Google or look in one of those glossy wedding magazines targeted at the Bride. (I am yet to find one targeting the Groom.) Your debit card starts perspiring when you begin looking at the costs. So as a way to control cost I had thoughts on how I would haggle one venue against another. We had a budget in our head. We also had lists of names split into three. The first part was the ultra-list of who needs to be there, the second part those who we should invite, and finally the wish list of those who we would like be there. So, we were prepared as we went to wedding fayre identify additional venues to add to our list of thought.

It is well worth going to a wedding fayre, if nothing else it will give you brownie points with the bride. The frustration for most grooms is that the wedding business is catered around the bride. The wedding industry is now at least adapting to brides who are not size 8 waifs who have walked off the catwalk. On the runway of the fashion show were real world models, of different shapes and ages. Unfortunately, the industry has not moved away from Grooms looking as if they are members of JLS or Kit Harington (John Snow). Maybe a James Corban or a John Bradley West (Samwell Tarly) look-a- like would be more reassuring, or even a Rory McCann (Sandor Clegane).

Groom with a view

Wedding fayres are a good place to get an idea of venues, clothes, vehicles and other incidentals. The problem is they are busy and loud. There are also competitions to enter. You might think it is a waste to enter. You are giving personal information which is a marketing resource to a range of companies. However, the balance is someone has to win.

My bride-to-be and myself added to our list of possible venues at the fayre. One of the venues being the Radisson Blu in Liverpool. The venue had a competition which was to be drawn the following weekend, as well as a range of deals. So we planned to visit Radisson Blu to see what it was like and to keep it on the list of possibilities or delete it.

If people remember, there was a horrible bug going around earlier this year. I had dropped bride-to-be and her sister off at the Radisson Blu while I picked up my daughter who had not been well. When I arrived back I expected to humour her about not winning the competition and have a judgement of whether the hotel would be shortlisted. When I arrived, I found her and sister sitting quietly with a representative of the Hotel. We had won!

The prize was the venue, 3 course meals for so many guests,  a room for the wedding night, and some incidentals. The catch of winning the prize is that you stop looking at other venues. The value of a prize is wonderful if you are on a budget.

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