Groom with a View: Prologue.

Its not all about the bride…meet The Liverpool Wedding Blog’s first blogging GROOM!

Here at The Liverpool Wedding Blog, we really want to bring you stories from real life couples planning their special day! My friend (who wishes to remain anonymous, which has made me a little suspicious, but nevermind) is getting married next summer. I spoke to her and her partner, and he has kindly agreed to give us a play by play account of their wedding planning fun! I will now hand you over to our Groom with a View:

Thank you to Vicky for requesting this. Hope she doesn’t regret it…

What you should know: I am a 40(ish) year old man living in the Liverpool area. I have two older teenage children; a very intelligent handsome son who has just started University (if he is reading this he is likely to be cringing), a beautiful, assertive, intelligent teenage daughter who is starting her GCSEs (I can hear her voice, “Oh Dad” very Kevin and Perry-esque as I write). They are from a previous relationship. I also have a sparky, comical and clever three-year-old daughter.

I have been with my partner for seven years (I would mention her name but she is shy and has told me not to, and I want her to say yes in the near future). We met at a birthday of a mutual friend who subsequently organised a blind date (thank you Ness). About 4 years ago she popped the question at a romantic weekend away I had arranged, and I said yes. I am still waiting for the ring, maybe this is a topic for another day.

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After getting engaged she became pregnant and we moved closer to her family. The wedding was put on hold due to practicalities, i.e. pregnancy (something to do with size/shape) and sleepless nights (sparky daughter not good sleeper). Lists were drafted with possible numbers, but the rest was dithered about. To be honest the complexity of being an older Groom, my children from a previous relationship, and a Mother-zilla added to my own inactivity. My inactivity also had a number of themes that I have often come across when getting wed:

  • Yikes the price
  • It’s all about the bride
  • Stupid social etiquette  

This year after finally getting more sleep, we started to look for a wedding. Some of the inactivity reducing due to the “Little Monster” sleeping. We had discussed a number of options. Neither of us being religious, we ruled out the church wedding as an option. However, some consideration was given to using Ullet Road Unitarian Church which my family has connections to (I won’t bore you with family and unless you are very naughty). For those who aren’t affiliated to a church and want a church setting, it might be worth a look.

The challenge of getting married is not just finding the right person to get married to. It is also balancing the wishes of others. Maybe this is a very Groom thought, but eloping appears a less stressful approach.

Sometime around Christmas last year we decided to visit some possible venues and attend the Wedding Fayre at Liverpool Echo Arena for inspiration. We had been thinking about a winter wedding in 12 or 24 months. This was primarily due to budget not being huge. We had the idea that we could have a Christmas theme, and timing it between Christmas Day and New year venues could be offering good deals. So, a plan was hatched to attend the Echo Arena Wedding Fayre.

So, we were a couple with a plan.

Next time: Prizes come with a catch…

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