Handmade paper flowers to decorate your wedding – meet Card-en Party

If you’re looking for something a little different than the standard flower wall or if you’re looking for some really stand out wedding decorations Card-en Party is who you need to speak to! She creates amazing giant paper flowers that are sure to wow your guests!

Card en-party Paper flowers wedding decorations

Here at The Liverpool Wedding Blog we’ve followed Ellie and her Card-en Party journey for a while and were so excited when we finally got the chance to meet and see her paper flower creations up close. Her giant paper flowers are incredibly intricate and beautiful and a great way to decorate your wedding venue.

Tell us a little about your business, how did you get started?

Card-en Party started as a hobby really, before my wedding. I really loved the look of paper flowers and wanted them to contrast the brick wall at our barn wedding. I cut all of my flowers by hand which took a very long time but the finished result was worth it. I mentioned that I made them to our photo-booth vendor, Smileomatic, who asked if I was going to start making them as a business because they were very good quality. As it happens I was already thinking about selling them but at the time I wasn’t confident in myself to take the leap. When the photo-booth vendor told me that they looked really professional it gave me a lot of confidence where I was lacking.
From there I kept in touch with Sally at Smileomatic, and she asked me to create some bespoke flowers for a wedding show she had coming up. I decided to invest in a cutting machine to spare my hands. This gave me a real thrill that my flowers could be used at other peoples weddings. I loved that idea. With working full time, the business took a back seat and I just made a few flowers here and there, but now I’m on maternity leave, it’s given me the time to get stuck in and although I haven’t been in business for long, I’ve had a lot of interest which is super exciting!

Paper flower wall wedding decor liverpool

What can flower walls be used for? 

Flower walls are so versatile, I think the most popular use for them is weddings and parties as photo backdrops, but I’ve also made them for nursery walls and shop displays.

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Your flowers look gorgeous! But also time consuming! How long does it take to create a flower wall?

That’s a great question but a hard one. This all depends on what is required by the client. There are really intricate flowers and then there are fairly simple ones to assemble, on average though, from cutting and assembling, each flower can take up to 40 minutes to make (a rose for example). A full wall back drop can have upwards of 80 flowers in it, then there’s the assembly of the wall itself. There is definitely a lot of (wo)man hours put into one wall. If I were to average it, from start to finish, about 80 hours per wall.

Do you have a favourite type of flower you like to make or a favourite colour to use?

My favourite flower to make by far is a rose. I love the finished product, they’re very detailed and are a classic flower for weddings. I love to make these in white and ivory because they add a more classy look to the backdrop.

What are your favourite wedding trends at the moment?

My absolute favourite wedding trend at the moment is barn weddings. I love the mix of rustic materials- brick, hessian, hay mixed with shabby chic/ pastels. I could be seen as biased here because that was my theme, but I wouldn’t have picked it if I hadn’t loved it ?

You’ve recently been a bride, what part of wedding planning did you find the most stressful? Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding? 

The only part of my wedding planning I found stressful was trying to fit into my dress!!! I guess that’s most brides worry before the wedding. Other than that I was stress-free. It helps that my husband is so laid back he should be horizontal! I think my advice, although easier said than done, is on the big day, let the day just flow. Stop clock watching for things to run on schedule. Trust that it will. You will enjoy your day far more if you let the day flow naturally. If things don’t run to plan, just remember what the day is for. You are marrying your best friend, the love of your life. Nothing else really matters. There were a couple of hiccups on my wedding day (a mix up with the maid of honour’s bouquet and the elevator in my hotel where I was getting ready broke down. I was in the penthouse and had to come down the service elevator). My hairdresser couldn’t believe how relaxed I was about it, but a quick text to my florist and the bouquet was sorted. As for the elevator…..at least I didn’t have to take the stairs… I’d also say to make a simple spreadsheet of all of your outgoings. You can so easily go over budget, so if you set up a spreadsheet to keep tabs on your spending you’ll rarely go over budget. My husband and I didn’t set a budget at the beginning. We listed everything we had to consider for the wedding, from dress to invitations and set a budget based on each individual item of what we were willing to spend and be happy. That gave us our more realistic idea of budget. I think overall we may have spent £200 more than budget because we had an unexpected spend, but only going 1% over the overall budget was definitely not bad going.

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Anything else you think our couples might like to know about your business?

Card-en Party not only hires paper flower back drops, but we also hire free standing flowers to really make a wow factor as well as interior detailing to brighten up plain walls.



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