I’ve joined the Bride Tribe!

So, Ive joined the bride tribe! Ive been helping brides find their dream dress at Bridal Reloved Liverpool for over 2 years now, giving them advice and helping guide them through stressful times, now its my turn! And I already need to take some of my own advice!

Bridal Reloved Liverpool gets engaged

Where to begin on our story so far! Andy and me met in a slightly unusual way while I was on a hen do and he was on a stag do in Ibiza in 2015! Never would you think you’d go somewhere like that on a hen do and leave with the man you’ll marry! But as they say, sometimes love finds you when you stop looking for it.
The proposal!
Well I have to say Andy had managed to do a Chandler from Friends on me and made me believe he’d ‘never be likely to take a wife’ (not sure if he’s reading this he’ll get that as he doesn’t like Friends!) anyway, unknown to me he had been planning for over 4 months, and even had the ring he designed himself months before the day!
It was the most perfect proposal and couldn’t have asked for anything better. We were staying in Betws-y-coed to climb mount Snowdon with 2 of our friends Lyndsey & Stef  who were also in on the engagement plan! What a day it was, glorious sunshine with 26 degree heat, needless to say the climb to the top was not an easy one! Especially as I was getting so annoyed at Andy for having packed several beers and prosecco in to his bag to ‘celebrate’ when we got to the top which was weighing him down and slowing our walk to the top! After an arduous 6 hour climb to the top I was absolutely knackered! The views were absolutely amazing and I must say well worth the sweaty and tiring climb to the top. I did have in the back of my mind that he’d been acting  strangely all day, so the little thought in to my head that he was about to propose did cross my mind!
 So were at the top, sweaty with loads of people around us, but, no proposal, just a few nice pics of us and our friends at the top.
Bridal Reloved Liverpool gets engaged Bridal Reloved Liverpool gets engaged Bridal Reloved Liverpool gets engaged
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So I thought my mind had been playing tricks on me and that I was just being hopeful of a proposal. We had some food and drink and a little rest at the top then got going on our walk back down. Given that it had taken us over 6 hours to get to the top via the Llanberis path we decided to follow a shorter route back down the miners trail. From the top before making our way down you could see so many beautiful little lakes and hills for miles. On the decent down it was much steeper and more of a climb so much more direct to get down! Once down the rock face we had another little rest before heading on the trek home. By this point we’d been on the go walking for over 8 hours and I was getting a bit weary, and cranky! Lyndsey and Stef had spotted a nice scenic spot to get some photos, a gorgeous quiet little lake surrounded by mountain and clear blue sky, so romantic. We crossed over the rocks to get to the quiet little spot and had a little rest and drink. We decided to get some photos, standing posing, smiling with Andy while our friends snapping away, next thing I knew Andy was down on one knee asking me to marry him! I couldn’t believe it! I think I let out a little noise I’ve never heard before haha I actually jumped up and down doing a little happy dance while he was still on one knee, I of course said yes and we celebrated, now all the beer and prosecco he’d carried all that way made sense!
Bridal Reloved Liverpool gets engaged
Most people imagine their proposal wearing something fabulous and looking glam, me I was in gym gear and walking boots sweating after hours of walking, but it was completely perfect! I’m so glad my friends were there to capture pictures and a little video of the moment we can look back on for years to come.
So now its a month on and the wedding planning is going full steam ahead! Deciding on when next year we’d like to tie the knot and starting to look at wedding venues, its all very exciting!

So enough about me! I’d love to hear your proposal story and if you’re planning or married what’s the biggest piece of advice you can give us for going forward?

Carol x

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