Let’s Talk Garters…

Let’s talk bridal garters!

Having known lots of friends who have been married and worn a garter it suddenly dawned on me that I have absolutely no idea why! I don’t think they did either to be honest! It was just another one of those wedding traditions you do but don’t know the background of. I decided to do a little investigating so put a poll on my Bridal Reloved Liverpool instagram page asking if brides would be or did they wear a garter on their wedding day. The response was 80% Yes and 20% No to wearing the garment on their big day.

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Traditionally a garter was used to hold up your stockings on each leg but then moved in to being a wedding garment worn on your lower right leg. It’s said that during the wedding reception after the brides bouquet toss to all the eligible single ladies, the groom removes the garter with his teeth for him to then toss to all the eligible men at the reception! I did not know that but I do now!

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80% of our brides said they are planning to wear a garter on their big day!

So who buys the garter for the bride? The answer is anyone. A lot of garters have been passed down as an heirloom and are now the bride’s something old or something borrowed, and kept as a keep sake. It’s said to be good luck to wear the garter of a happily married maid of honour or bridesmaid. Some grooms buy their bride to be a garter as a wedding day gift, but would appear that brides mostly buy them for themselves to wear under their dress.

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Get in touch with our garter stories and pictures. I’d love to see what you all wore, was it the traditional something blue?


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