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Everyone loves a good selfie and a photobooth, so why not combine the two and entertain your guests with something unique.

The Liverpool Wedding Blog caught up with Rosie from Imagine Selfie Mirror and this is what we learn’t…

Tell us a little bit about what it is you do…

Imagine Selfie Mirror, based just outside of Liverpool, offers a new and exciting alternative-photography service for wedding receptions and parties, that’s guaranteed to impress and entertain your guests.

Imagine Selfi Mirror Liverpool Wedding Blog

The Selfie Mirrors themselves are brand new to the wedding scene, coming out only last year. Unlike a traditional photo-booth the Selfie Mirror is sleek and stylish taking up far less room. It’s fully reflective just like a real mirror, so you can strike that perfect pose; and what’s more it is full-length, so it capture’s those all-important top to toe details of your wedding outfit! ….make way for the perfect wedding selfie!!

We love the Selfie Mirror for Weddings because it looks really classy and glamourous. Our mirror has a vintage gold frame and VIP red carpet & poles…looking truly stunning when your guests walk into the room!

Your guests can pose in front of the Mirror all night long using the huge selection of fun props, and the photos will be printed for them instantly by the Mirror, giving the guests a fun photo-keepsake to take home with them. At the end of the night we’ll hand you a photo-album guest book, plus a USB stick of every single photo taken on the Mirror, so you’ll have all these great memories to treasure and look back on for years to come!

At Imagine Selfie Mirror we offer a very personal and friendly service!

Imagine Selfi Mirror Liverpool Wedding Blog

What makes your company stand out from other similar companies?

Imagine Selfie Mirror is run by soon-to-be-married couple Rosie and Rich, who are currently planning their own wedding and so know exactly how important it is that your special day is perfect; and that all of your suppliers and hired-professionals are as passionate about your big day as you are. At Imagine Selfie Mirror we offer a very personal and friendly service- before, during, and after your hire; and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure that you and your guests love your Selfie Mirror experience!

Both of us will be there to attend your Selfie Mirror wedding hire, making sure that everything is running smoothly and that your album gets filled up with lots of photos and messages from your guests!

What part of the day is most popular for the selfie mirror?

The evening wedding reception is definitely the most popular time for the Selfie Mirror. When everybody is ready to let their hair down and have fun the mirror really gets the party started! Even the most shy of guests are usually the last ones off the mirror at the end of the night. The cool thing about it is that it brings all different friends and family members together. It will capture some really priceless and funny shots – even the grandmas and grandads love to grab a wig and an inflatable guitar and strike a pose!

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What do you love most about your job?

We love that we get to be part of a couple’s most special day. Knowing that we’ve helped to make their wedding day extra special and fun makes our job worthwhile! We love seeing happy people coming together to celebrate, and seeing how much fun they have in front of the mirror makes us feel very proud!

The funniest part of the job is watching people trying to adorn themselves with the various props with only a 5 second countdown to do so! For each go on the mirror it takes 3 different shots, and the prop changes in between the shots make for the funniest photos when people aren’t quite ready!

We also see some very special moments in front of the mirror – whether it’s a Bride with all of her bridesmaids, a Bride and her father, the Bride & Groom themselves, Grandma & Grandad, or maybe the kiddies of the family getting involved! – it’s so special seeing those moments being captured and knowing that the bride and groom are going to love looking through the album the next day, seeing what fun went on while they were busy working the room!

We see some very special moments in front of the mirror!

Imagine Selfi Mirror Liverpool Wedding Blog

Are there any wedding trends you’ll be glad to see the back off?

Everyone’s tastes are different and we can appreciate lots of different looks and styles. In fact it’s great that we get to see all of the different wedding trends and ideas whilst doing this job!

What wedding planning tips would you share with brides and grooms?

Don’t stress yourself (and probably your partner) out, by getting too caught up in the really minute details that your guests probably won’t notice anyway! As long as the main things are taken care of, the rest will all just fall in to place. Try to keep things simple if you can as then there’s less to worry about. Don’t over complicate or over-think things. And most importantly don’t lose sight of what the day is all about!

Imagine Selfi Mirror Liverpool Wedding Blog

How fun does that sound?! If you want to find out more about Imagine Selfie Mirror and the fun to be had visit their website or get in touch on


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