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If you haven’t come across Love Gets Sweeter before then you’re in for a treat! We caught up with Charlene to chat about wedding videography, why you need a wedding film and why she loves her job! Read on to find out more and see some of her beautiful films!

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How would you describe your style? 
Beautiful, Fun and Relaxed. I’m all about capturing the real moments on the day, nothing staged or posed and certainly not in your face.

Being friendly yet discreet allows me to catch moments where people won’t even realised their being filmed, and that’s usually when the funny stuff happens because people are being themselves!

I should also mention that I will be super helpful from the day you enquire to the day you receive your gorgeous final wedding DVD’s. From wedding planning advice and tips before, help with button holes and dresses on the day (I’ve even had my sewing kit out) and working with you to pick the perfect songs that reflect you and your day…it’s a full, friendly service throughout and I feel that’s what makes me a bit more than a wedding videographer (a groom actually came up with #morethanaweddingvideographer after I fixed his oversized buttonhole last year!).
What is your favourite part of the wedding day? 
Oh goodness…so many and for so many reasons. It does depend on the couple really and when I get home from each wedding I always have a favourite part.
But, as I’ve got to pick one I will say the morning. I LOVE the excitement, the build up, the anticipation before the Bride gets married. I film with an assistant and I love seeing how different the Bride and Groom’s mornings can be (and I know they love seeing each other after the day too).
Having all the best girls together, laughing and getting their make-up done is always fun to be a part of and I think why for the rest of the day it’s so fun and relaxed for all of us!
What part of your job do you love the most? 
Can I say cake?? Haha. For me it’s the experience.
I worked in retail way back and I’m such a customer focused people pleaser (I used to win the customer sales person of the month at Next all the time, I’m sure it annoyed some people haha). Working hard to ensure the wedding day goes well and everyone is relaxed, making sure the wedding film is so perfect they’ll cry (happy tears) and that the final package makes them feel special. Having the reward of them telling me they loved everything and they’re so grateful is what I LOVE the most.
What are the benefits of having a wedding film? 
If you head over to my About Me page you’ll find out a bit more about our own wedding film. We nearly didn’t have one because my husband hated the idea so much! It was only after the day and all the excitement that he appreciated all my pestering and why I felt so strongly about having a wedding video. You not only get to relive the bits you’ll love seeing again (the morning, your vows, the silly Best Man’s speech…) but you see and hear bits you totally missed on the day. Be that because it went by in such a blur (like walking down the aisle and seeing your other half’s face) or because you were off having photos (or a little break from the guests, highly recommended!), there’s always something happening at a wedding. Having professional cameras there to capture it as it happens is beyond amazing.
I’ve been the bride, I’ve been the friend who heard about someone regretting not having one and I’ve been the videographer so I’ve seen and heard it all! Everyone goes on to say it was the best decision they made about the wedding, including us!
What is your favourite thing about weddings in Liverpool? 
The people. I was born in Nottingham and came up to Liverpool to study. Since the day I arrived I said I loved the people, everyone is so friendly and the sense of humour is the best. I ended up meeting my husband up here (though technically in Minnesota but that’s another story you can ask me about) and I couldn’t bear to leave. People make weddings, don’t they?
What should a bride/groom think about when choosing a videographer? 
Enjoy watching loads of videos! ‘The One’ will jump out at you as you watch their work. If a strangers wedding can make you cry I’d say that’s a pretty good sign, imagine what watching your own could feel like?
I feel that with both Photography and Videography once you’ve found a style you love it’s then ensuring that their person who you feel totally comfortable with. You’ll be spending a lot of time together so it helps if you like them! You’ll feel more relaxed, build trust and get more relaxed shots of the day as reward (even if initially you feel nervous about being in front of the camera).
How long in advance would you recommend couples book? 
There’s no rule really, as soon as you know you want a video make time to start your research! That could be 3 years or 3 months!
Some dates (and there’s no set date every year but dates in May and September are usually favourites) are so popular and book up quickly. So, when you’ve got one (or two) that you love see if you can arrange a time to chat or meet, see if you’re the right fit. Some companies will happily pencil your date in so you get first refusal, it can help take the pressure off a little too as there’s nothing more off-putting that being rushed when wedding planning!
Happy wedding planning! xx



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