Making COVID-19 Wedding Guidelines Work for Your Celebration

The world is completely changing and COVID-19 wedding guidelines are going to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. Of course couples are still going to fall in love, and they are going to want to get married and make that commitment in front of their loved ones. There have been many disappointments, lots of stress, and heartache for couples who have had to postpone or cancel their weddings and/or adapt to the COVID-19 wedding guidelines. We’ve considered what the future could bring for weddings going forward until Coronavirus is under control.

Smaller celebrations – perhaps multiple!

One thing is for certain, wedding ceremonies and receptions will be smaller gatherings. The 30 person rule that currently stands under COVID-19 wedding guidelines for ceremonies (and hopefully receptions soon) and seems to be the regulation going forward, and it is uncertain when and if that will change. Couples will simplify their celebrations and include only their nearest and dearest. Maybe hosting multiple get togethers for family and friends? The wedding parties could take place over a few days, and who doesn’t love more parties? On a positive note, the seating arrangements will be easier to manage! 

covid-19 wedding guidelines

Celebrate your way

A situation that is occurring presently is that couples cannot get their ideal time booked with a registrar. Due to high numbers of bookings, the registry office may not be able to offer you your preferred time. A way around this is to book a wedding celebrant. You can do the legal registry office stuff, and then host a wedding ceremony with a celebrant at a time and location that suits you best. An added benefit of this is that your ceremony will be incredibly personalized, making your wedding extra special. 

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Being flexible

The government has shown that they can and will change the COVID-19 wedding guidelines last minute, to the dismay of couples and wedding suppliers. We will need to accept that things are not under our control, and that we should be prepared for last minute disruptions to our planning.

It is critical that you read and agree to the booking terms and conditions of your venue and suppliers. If you have any queries, ask before you sign anything or pay a deposit.

Find out what will happen should your wedding not be allowed to go ahead. Prepare yourself mentally for sudden changes, and have a flexible plan B (or even a plan C or D) ready to go. It is an unprecedented and stressful time, but we are all in the same boat together. The more gracious and kind we can be to one another, the better. Flexibility is key!

Virtual wedding

We are so fortunate to have so much technology readily available to us. It is possible to include those who cannot attend in person through live video streaming of your ceremony. It could be as simple as a video call on a mobile, or you could hire a professional to set it up for you. Couples are even hiring community or church halls to set up for an additional 30 people to watch their ceremony live stream. Live entertainment is not permitted in the current COVID guidelines, but you could have a virtual performance via Zoom or Skype. 

coronavirus wedding video

Anniversary celebrations

If you cannot have the big party at your wedding right now, why not plan an anniversary party in the future? Whether it’s 1 year or 5, it is still an opportunity to share your love and commitment to one another with your family and friends. You could reaffirm your vows with a celebrant, or just host the biggest party ever! It would truly be all about you as a couple.

Romantic elopements

What could be more romantic than sneakily getting married? Could elopements be on the rise in this new situation we are living through? Just the two of you, plus witnesses, coming together and committing to a lifelong partnership. Imagine the excitement of announcing your marriage to everyone once you’ve put a ring on it! 

elopement ideas

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covid-19 wedding guidelines

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