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Ahh, my first post on our brand spanking new Liverpool Wedding Blog all about me and my love of wedding photography! How exciting!

Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m just one of the people you’ll hear (well read) when you visit the blog, hopefully I won’t waffle on too much and within my ramblings there’ll be some useful tips and advice to aid you in your wedding planning journey, and beyond.

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So as I said, I’m Lucy – *waves* – I’m a twenty-something wedding photographer and wife.

I love to bake (and eat), sew, and anything crafty or creative really. I have a habit of collecting anything vintage or antique and scattering them around the house in unusual places (much to the dismay of my husband haha).

I love leopard print! And you’ll probably find me wearing it everyday – I even wore leopard print shoes at my wedding!

When I’m not working (or sewing or baking) you’ll probably find me binge watching box sets like Greys Anatomy or Doctor Who, and more than likely I’ll be accompanied by hot chocolate and biscuits.

I LOVE weddings!

I have been photographing them since 2012 and I couldn’t ask for a better job.

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Its such a privilege to be a part of someones wedding, and I can’t help but smile at being surrounded by all the happiness! I love how my job allows me to capture all those special moments, save that emotion and let people re-visit memories for years to come!

My photography style very much stems from my personality.

I’m creative and fun and I hope that comes across in my photos. But I’m also quiet, and can be shy, I don’t like being centre of attention and believe it or not, I don’t like having my photograph taken. Some people would say that my personality makes me a bad photographer, that a wedding photographer needs to be loud and bossy and take control. I disagree. I think my personality makes me a great photographer. When I’m at a wedding, I fade into the background, I capture the day without interrupting. I get all the shots a couple wants without being loud and bossy. I don’t pose couples, I encourage them to act as they would normally, and capture beautiful, natural moments.

Not only do I love taking photographs, but I am passionate about photographs in print, I don’t believe in offering disc only packages.

In a culture where photographs are taken constantly, shared instantly, and forgotten almost just as quickly, I believe its SO important to see your photographs as physical things. Not only do photographs look more amazing in print, but they do wonders for your self esteem! Who wouldn’t want to walk past a photograph everyday of themselves on one of the happiest days of their life!

Normally I’m admiring weddings through my camera, but last year I had one of the best experiences ever…I got to plan a wedding and be a bride! I thought I knew a lot about weddings, but boy was I wrong! Photographing a wedding and planning one are two very different things. It was really interesting to experience things as a bride and understand the pressures that brides are under, and how much everyone else thinks they should have an opinion on your wedding. I was very much a DIY bride and I ignored a lot of traditions, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way!

So, thats ME! I’ll be your go to person for photography on the blog, sharing my opinions, experiences and answering any of your photography questions!

Lucy xx


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