Pinterest for Wedding Planning

We asked our followers on Instagram if they are using Pinterest for wedding planning, and 80% of you are! We think that’s great, because we absolutely love Pinterest and use it lots ourselves. 

Pinterest is a visual search engine, which lends itself well to planning events such as weddings as it makes it easy to visualise your ideas.

You can create boards for every aspect of your wedding, from general theme and colour scheme to specifics such as flowers and hair and makeup. 

Here are our top tips for using Pinterest to plan your wedding day:

  • Search including your location (in our case Liverpool!) and even the venue name to find local suppliers that can help you create your dream wedding. You can pin ideas from their boards and follow them to see what they are sharing. It’s very well pinning aspirational pins from all over the world, but finding that one vendor who can actually make it happen for you locally is priceless!
  • Keep it organised! You can actually create sections within boards. For instance, you could have a board for flowers, but within that board you can have separate sections for bouquets, table arrangements, ceremony flowers, etc.
  • Create a mood board of non-wedding related images that you are attracted too. Inspiration can come from random places. Explore art, cultures, interiors, and other visually stimulating things for creative inspiration. This will make your wedding truly unique and personal.
  • Share your boards! Obviously with your partner, you can set it up where you can collaborate on your boards and both add ideas. But also share with your vendors to give them an idea of what you would like. 
  • Don’t get carried away. There’s sooooooooo much content out there, and so many crazy beautiful weddings. Remember, many of these perfect images come from styled photoshoots, or weddings with massive budgets that may not be realistic for you. Don’t let it bum you out. Think about the essence of what you like about the style, and bring that to your wedding day in your own personal way. 

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