Q: My wedding is on the same day as the Champions League Final, what should I do?

Q: My wedding is on the same day as the Champions League Final, what should I do?

Photo from Unsplash by Joshua Hoehne

A: There’s been a lot of stories in the news the last few days of guests being outraged that a bride and groom have banned the football from being on at their wedding, and it’s actually quite a tricky thing to navigate.

If neither you or your guests are interested in football then you’re sorted, you can carry on your day exactly as planned and not worry about it. But, in Liverpool there are quite a lot of football fans so avoiding it completely might not be the best option.

You’ve basically got two options when it comes to football clashing with your wedding – embrace it or ban it. I’m not a football fan in the slightest but I can see the pro and con argument for both.

Embrace the football
If you know a lot of your wedding guests are going to want to watch the football then embracing it on your big day might be the best way forward. Ask your venue to stick the game on in the bar or a quieter corner of the room. It might mean that you need rethink the time table of your day slightly, like moving the time of your first dance to half time or saving it for after the match. But it means that you and your guests will all be together, you won’t have anyone leaving and sneaking off to the local pub to watch it. However, your wedding day has taken probably the best part of a year to organise, and having to re-think your plans isn’t the most practical thing. Your venue might not even have the facilities to show the match.

Banning the football
If my wedding had have been on the same day as the champions league I think I would have preferred to ban it – my husband being a Tottenham supporter may have had other ideas though! But it is an important day and you want your friends and family to be present in a day that is about you and your other half. There will be other football matches, but you won’t be able to repeat your wedding day. Banning it might upset some guests if they are avid supporters, or you might find that people disappear for a few hours while the sneak off to watch it. I’ve even heard stories of guests deciding not to go to a wedding just so they can watch the match.

It’s a tricky one – but I think whatever you decide, let your guests know. If you’re going to organise a way to show the match your guests will appreciate knowing that they don’t have to sneak off to see it. If you’re not going to show the match, explain why and hopefully they will understand.

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