Q&A: Summer Wedding Cakes

Q: Our wedding is in late July and we are looking at wedding cakes. Is there anything we should consider as (hopefully) we will have a hot Summer's day?

Emma from Let’Em Eat Cake has some great advice for you!


July weddings should guarantee the beautiful sunny day every bride expects but there are a few things to consider when ordering your wedding cake. The fashion for naked, semi naked and buttercream finished cakes has been very popular but most bakers will try and sway you away from those in the summer months mainly because we cannot guarantee that the cake will not melt therefore spoiling the overall look of the cake. Even fondant covered cakes can struggle in the heat especially if they are filled with buttercream and finished with buttercream before applying the fondant. What you do see is a lot of bagging around the cake and the layers start showing, again not the affect you hoping for.

A beautiful buttercream cake by Let'Em Eat Cake


One way that does help is using a chocolate ganache which is chocolate,white,milk or dark mixed with cream , the beauty of this is that is doesn’t melt as fast as buttercream and gives the cake a sturdy base to apply fondant and gives a beautiful finish if you don’t want to cover the cake in fondant, oh and did I mention it tastes amazing? I hope this information helps when you are deciding on the design of your cake.

A stunning fondant covered cake filled with chocolate ganache by Let'Em Eat Cake.

I can tell you from personal experience, Emma’s cakes are sooooooo yummy!!! You can get in touch with her for more information on your perfect wedding cake!


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