Why Being Quiet Makes Me A Great Wedding Photographer

Why being quiet makes me a great Wedding Photographer

All throughout my time as a Liverpool wedding photographer, and while studying photography, there have been people who have told me that I need to learn to be louder, more aggressive when directing people, and more outgoing.

Now, that’s just not within my nature. I’m quiet, I’m shy, I get nervous talking in front of crowds of people. I hate being the centre of attention. And none of this, I think, makes me a bad photographer. Get to know me and you’ll find I’m friendly, polite, bubbly, passionate about wedding photography and always happy to help.

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I think my personality makes me a PERFECT wedding photographer

I don’t want to be loud, bossy, or intrusive on someone’s wedding day. It’s not a photographers place to do that and I don’t think its appropriate. A wedding day isn’t about me, it is about the couple. They are the centre of attention.

“I didn’t even realise you took some of the shots you did as you just blended into the crowd!” – Heather and Ollie

Liverpool Wedding Photographer Liverpool Wedding Blog

My personality also means that I’m not always comfortable having my photo taken, I don’t like people being too close in my personal space, and I don’t like being put in poses that aren’t natural to me.

I want you to look back at your photos and say 'Yes that's me!' Click To Tweet

I approach photographing people in a way that I would want to be photographed

“We took a little time to walk through the park after our service and Lucy just left us to it and took some of my favourite pictures as we chatted and enjoyed some time together on our special day” – Rachel and Steven

I stay as hidden as possible so that your photographs are truly natural. I let your day happen as planned, I don’t stage photographs or take you away from your guests for hours on end. When taking couple’s shots I don’t over pose you or ask you to do anything that you wouldn’t normally. I simply ask you to go for a walk together or sit in a quiet corner for a few minutes and make each other laugh. I want you to look back at your photographs and say ‘Yes! That’s me! That’s how we always act together’.

“Many of our guests commented they didn’t realise she was there, so Lucy was able to capture lots of very natural photos!” – Paul and Rosie

Liverpool Wedding Photographer Liverpool Wedding Blog

So that’s why I think being quiet makes me a great wedding photographer. If I sound like your sort of person and you’re looking for a Liverpool Wedding Photographer (or beyond) then please get in touch!

Lucy x


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