How to Make Your Wedding Stationery Stand Out

Wedding stationery is very often the first glimpse into your wedding that guests will get. So how can you make your wedding stationery stand out?


Today’s wedding stationery Q&A is with Hannah from KNOCKKNCOKPENNY studio with some advice on how to make your wedding stationery stand out from the crowd…

Q: Lots of our friend’s go to lots of weddings, what can we do to make our wedding stationery and invites stand out?

A: There are lots of ways to make your wedding stationery stand out. Some can cost quite a lot but there are also a few lower budget tricks you can try out too.

Foiling can really make your invites shine (quite literally!). Foiling gives such a luxurious finish but it is one of the more expensive ways to stand out.

Knockkncokpenny studio wedding invitations foiled

Wax details are a perfect way to tie your wedding suite together and be little bit different. You can add them to envelopes or use them to secure your invite suite together.

modern wedding invites with wax seal

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Changing up the format is a lovely departure from the standard invite shape if you want something a bit different. It gives a great impact as you open it and allows lots of space for all the details a guest needs.

black and green modern invites

Envelopes are another way of adding impact to your invites. You change the colour from a standard white to compliment your design, add envelope liners or have the addresses printed or addressed with calligraphy. You can also source vintage stamps to make that final big impact.

patterned envelopes wedding invites

I personally love it when you make your invites less generic so it can only be for you wedding. You can do this by adding illustrations of you or your venue. This way they become more of a keepsake of the day.

illustrated wedding invites

Thanks Hannah! Such great advice, and how gorgeous are her designs! To find our more Hannah and her wedding stationery check out



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