Stress Busting Tips for Planning Hen Party Hair and Makeup!

I have been a makeup and hair artist in Liverpool for many years, and my team and I have done many Hen Parties and large group bookings in that time. The same questions and issues inevitably come up for every booking, so I thought it would be a fantastic topic to write about!

I must confess, my sympathies completely go out to the poor souls who are in charge of organising hen dos.

Hen Party Advice

It is so difficult to wrangle everyone, to get firm commitments and deposits, and I can only imagine how frustrating it can be sometimes! So this is aimed mostly at the chief organiser, whether they are a bridesmaid, a sister, or hardcore BFF. The following tips will definitely make the whole planning process run smoother, not just for the glamming, but hopefully other aspects of the event as well.

  1. Enquire early. Fitting in a large group booking takes a block of time in the MUAs dairy, and arrangements may need to be made with additional hair and makeup artists. The earlier you get this booked in the better for everyone involved.
  2. Be mindful of timeframes and plan accordingly. You may not be able to get into your hotel or venue until after 3pm or later, you may have dinner reservations booked for 7pm. Realistically, can your MUA(s) do 20 hair and makeups in this time? My team and I allocate 45 minutes for a makeup and 90 minutes for hair and makeup per person. Also  you may need to factor in checking in time, settling in, getting showers, or any other activities planned that might interrupt or delay the getting ready time. If you have daytime activities planned, make sure that you allow enough time in between for everyone to get ready before going out in the evening
  3. Is the space big enough? Is there adequate space in the hotel or apartment for multiple people to be having hair and makeup done at the same time? Are there chairs, tables, and plugs available?
  4. Get those deposits! Most hair/makeup artists will require deposits to hold bookings, especially for large group bookings. Make everyone aware and get those deposits in ASAP. Glamorama does not hold any booking without a non-refundable deposit. That way, you know your booking is secure, and so do we!
hen party advice

I hope these tips have been helpful. I know from experience how chaotic and frustrating making these arrangements can be, and I know if you keep these points in mind, it will help the whole process be a lot smoother and take some stress out of it.

Check out my website to see our work and enquire (early!) about your hen do or wedding hair and makeup!

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