So I saw a post on Facebook talking about chimney sweeps at weddings – something I hadn’t heard of before.

Apparently King George II about 200 years ago proclaimed that all chimney sweeps were lucky after one saved his life when they stopped his out of control horse and carriage. After this the tradition of inviting chimney sweeps to weddings began, and a kiss off a chimney sweep on your wedding day became a lucky omen.

So it got me thinking about what other wedding superstitions might be out there. Here’s 10 of my favourites – some are strange, some are just hilarious. How many of them have you heard of before?

wedding dress wedding supersitions

  1. The bride shouldn’t make her own wedding dress – for every stitch of the wedding dress a bride sews herself, she’ll shed one tear during her marriage.
  2. Saturday is the unluckiest day to get married according to this poem – Monday for health, Tuesday for wealth, Wednesday’s the best of all, Thursday brings crosses, and Friday losses, but Saturday no luck at all.
  3. Dropping the wedding rings is lucky. Apparently dropping the wedding rings during the ceremony shakes out evil spirits.
  4. It’s bad luck if your surnames start with the same letter.
  5. Finding a spider in your wedding dress is supposed to be good luck.

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6. One for those with furry friends – having a cat eat out of your left shoe one week before your wedding is also apparently good luck!

7. Getting the upper hand – supposedly the first person to buy something after the wedding has the upper hand in the marriage. Brides used to buy a small item off one of the bridesmaids after the ceremony as a sneaky way to get there first.

8. In Tudor times it was considered lucky for people to throw shoes at the happy couple.

bourbon wedding superstition

9. Burying a bottle of bourbon a month before your wedding is supposed to stop rain from ruining your wedding day.

10. Knives shouldn’t appear on your wedding gift list as they symbolise a broken relationship.

How many of these wedding superstitions have you heard of before? Are you superstitious about your wedding?

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