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Being a wedding supplier is the best job in the world. You get to be part of someone’s special day and in most cases, make friends too.

Being a wedding supplier is the best job in the world!

From the get go when I receive an enquiry the first thing I do is thank them for showing an interest in my work and congratulate them on their engagement. And let’s be honest, as a bride you want everyone to be as excited about your day as you are.

I’m lucky enough to have been a bride and planned a wedding before I became a supplier. So I work on the basis of what I expected when I was a bride. The majority of brides work normal 9-5 jobs so are doing their planning in the evenings, which in turn means, as a supplier, our phones, emails, Facebook pages are non-stop with messages and enquiries.

I remember how impatient I was as a bride!

If I was dealing with a certain part of my wedding, I wanted responses straight away so that I could tick it off the list and move on, so that’s how I like to try and work now.

Unless I’m asleep you’ll receive a response pretty much straight away.

But, be under no illusion that all suppliers work this way. Some suppliers switch off after 5pm and only respond to message during working hours, which is fine – remember your suppliers are human too and like to have a work/home life balance too.

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I read an article about a bride who was really miffed when she had booked with a supplier but they hadn’t sent her a congratulations card as other suppliers had. There was a lot of controversy from other brides (and suppliers) as some brides agreed and expected the same excitement from everyone regardless of who they are. Others argued that we as suppliers don’t know you personally so wouldn’t be as excited as say a family member or friend.

My theory as a supplier is this…

This is a special day that most women only plan to do once. We should be excited, we should congratulate them and show as much enthusiasm as the next person, however, it is our prerogative if we add that extra touch and go the extra mile, that’s what makes us stand out from our competitors.

What do you think? Do you expect your suppliers to share your excitement? Discuss below!

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