Ten Top Tips to Avoid Wedding Planning Stress!

Wedding planning is very exciting, but can also be full of challenges. Learning to cooperate, negotiate and compromise are important skills for any relationship, and planning and budgeting your wedding is a great time to hone those skills! Here are our top tips to keep you from killing each other before the big day…

Wedding Planning Notebook
This is a very organised person…
  1. Start as you mean to go on. Make it clear from the beginning who will be responsible for each job on the master wedding to do list. And hold each other accountable, but in a loving way! I like using the Trelo app, and it is an easy way to designate tasks and keep tabs on where you are up to.
  2. Set your budget early. The earlier that you look at your financial situation, the better you will be able to assess how much you can realistically afford to spend on your big day. The average UK wedding is creeping up towards £30,000. It is perfectly okay, and perfectly achievable, to not spend that amount of money if it is not within your means. Money worries and debt are the biggest contributors to marriage problems. You don’t want to begin married life with a black cloud of debt hanging over your heads!

    Wedding sign
    Planning well makes sure you are on the right path to your wedding day!
  3. Determine your priorities. There will be things that are absolutely essential to you and your partner, but not always to both! Early in the planning process, discuss each facet of the wedding, determine which are key to both of you, and prioritise accordingly. This will help you break down your overall budget and keep you both on the same page. At my wedding, we wanted to make sure we had plenty of good quality bubbly on hand for ourselves and our guests, and we wanted everyone to have a good dance, so we hired a great DJ for the night. We did DIY chocolate box favours and saved money by decorating our venue ourselves.
  4. Ask these four important questions when deciding on your venue: 1) What kind of wedding do you want to have? 2) How many people will be attending your wedding? 3) Is the venue available for your date? 4) Is it within your budget? We are blessed with a huge variety of diverse wedding venues in this area. There is something for every style of wedding and every purse.

    Wedding couple
    Do you both have the same taste in wedding venues?
  5. Stick to your budget. Create a spreadsheet on Google Drive (Or download ours here!) that is shareable with your partner and accessible from your phone. List each component of your wedding. Determine a budget for each item, and record your spending accurately. This will give you a clear and accurate picture of what you are spending, what savings you are making, and perhaps where you can increase your spending. Ask anyone and they will tell you that I love a good spreadsheet!
  6. Make clear guidelines regarding your guest list. Will you invite children? How many people will parents be able to invite? What about your cousins you haven’t spoken to in 5 years? I will be following up with another blog about creating your guest list, so watch this space!

    Wedding table
    Your cousin’s son’s girlfriend does not need an invitation, unless you want her there!
  7. Plan in activities around your wedding planning to make it more of a fun experience. Going for a tasting at your venue? Make a night of it and go for drinks after. Having your wedding hair and makeup trial? Plan a date night! Attending a bunch of wedding fairs? Catch a movie after to let your brain recharge. Making a bunch of wedding favours/decorations? Rope in friends and family to help and have a pizza night.
  8. Take a week off (if you need too). Wedding planning can become all consuming and dominate your life for typically 1 – 2 years. If it is becoming overwhelming, or making you feel crazy, it is perfectly okay to take a step back and have some time off from the planning process. I can recommend yoga, mediation, and good old fashioned alcohol to help you recharge![bctt tweet=”Stress free wedding planning? Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheet download? Yes please!” username=”LivWedBlog”]
  9. Create a timeline for the day of the wedding, and maybe the day before too. I always create a schedule for makeup and hair with my brides, so they know what time I am arriving, and when each person needs to be ready to get glammed. Things you need to consider: breakfast, arrival of flowers/photographer/etc, how long it will take for everyone to get dressed (tricky buttons, corseted backs), what time you need to leave for the ceremony. It may sound a little bit Monica, but if you know what the timeline is, it will keep everything running smoothly and reduce stress on the day.
  10. Remember, this day is all about you and your partner. Everyone will want to contribute their ideas and opinions about your wedding. You do not have to incorporate all of this into your day. Establish gentle, diplomatic boundaries with your nearest and dearest and stick to them. My family weren’t very happy that we had a vegetarian wedding, but we are both vegetarian, so it only made sense! We stood firm, and everyone enjoyed the meal.

    Converse bride and groom
    Pink Converse with your frock? Why the hell not????


I hope these tips are helpful to your wedding planning! And if you are in full planning mode already or newlywed, I would love to know your top tip! Comment below and I will feature on our Instagram page @theliverpoolweddingblog

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