The Stress of the RSVP

The RSVP can be a stressful part of wedding planning

I planned my wedding before I started in the wedding industry and the RSVP was an issue for me. I’m super organised and have OCD when it comes to timescales so the RSVP response date I found quite stressful. (plus I wanted the cards back as keepsakes)

All in all it was actually a stress free point in my planning. I was very lucky, everyone sent their little cards back in plenty of time and my list of guests was finalised…apart from the bridesmaids and Best Man who still to this day haven’t replied – it has become a bit of a standing joke!

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Pop your RSVP date in your diary so you know when to chase up with any guests who haven’t responded

Now the RSVP is a major part of your invitation process and also your planning. You have a final date that everyone has to respond by and let’s be honest your guests will now pretty much straight away if they’re available to come so why can’t they give you an answer almost immediately. You also will need to give final numbers to your venue so you can start planning your seating arrangements.

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Almost every bride I speak to asks about the RSVP –

  • What if people don’t respond?
  • What if people assume I know they’re coming?
  • What if the RSVP gets lost in the post?

Your RSVP response date is a guideline for you. So I would advise you pop it in your diary and if there are any guests who haven’t responded just drop them a quick text or email and ask. What’s the worst that can happen?

So don’t get stressed about it, it’s an easy fix and in the grand scheme of wedding planning there are definitely more important things to worry about!

Becky x

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