Top 5 Things Brides Stress About During Wedding Planning (and how to fix them!)

I have never met a bride that didn’t have at least one thing that stressed them out massively!

I’ve met laid back brides and I’ve also met more high maintenance brides, but every single one will have something that is keeping them awake at night.

Here are my top 5 of things you may worry about whilst planning your wedding and my advice as to why you shouldn’t:

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  1. Your guests won’t like where they’re sitting. I have an easy solution to this! name your tables rather than leaving them as numbers. This way auntie Nora won’t complain she’s on table 7 and not table 1.
  2. Hate having your photo taken? Panic not… Most photographers will offer a pre-wedding shoot so you can get to know each other and discuss what works and what doesn’t. (Speak to Lucy our photography expert if you’re nervous about your photos!)
  3. The Weather – What if it rains? In the UK this is something that is more than likely going to happen, you can’t predict the weather. Unless your adamant you’d like a church wedding, most venues have licences to hold ceremonies in the building. This way you don’t even need to leave the building!Lucy Hannah Photography
  4. Will the dress fit perfectly? Yes, absolutely! Normally a final fitting is around 2 weeks prior to the big day and let’s be honest, there’s no amount of donuts and takeaways that will make you put enough weight on that your clothes no longer fit in that short space of time.
  5. Will everything run on time? Does it matter? Enjoy the day, enjoy every moment and embrace it. Your planners and your venue will keep a check on timescales so its not your job to worry.

One of my top tips in the lead up to your big day is not to stress!

These are your plans and your guests have no idea what to expect. If anything should not go to plan, who will notice? No-one!!!


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