Turning your Wedding Bouquet Into a Treasured Keepsake – Floral Preservation with Olive Owl Flowers

Your wedding flowers are a huge part of your day, but what about afterwards? How will you keep your wedding bouquet forever? We recently chatted with Sarah from Olive Owl Flowers to find out how she preserves your wedding flowers into beautiful pieces of art.

Framed dried wedding bouquet on display by Olive owl Flowers

What inspired you to start doing bouquet preservation?

A friend of mine got married a few years back and she asked if I could preserve and frame her bouquet for her. I’d never seen a framed preserved bouquet before, so I was unsure of what to do at first. We had an old pressed flower frame hung up in the living room, so I decided to take inspiration from that.  The frame simply had three buttercups, a daisy and a few strands of grass, and it was so old the mount paper which I imagine at the time was white, was now almost yellow. The placement of the flowers represented how flowers grow in nature, all sprouting from one point. I choose to do similar for the frame and recreate the shape of the bouquet, to include the stems and also the ribbon it was tied with to create a true representation, and it worked beautifully.

What is the process of creating the preserved flowers?

Originally, we used to press the flowers but the chances of the flowers pressing well was not a high enough percentage for our liking. Flowers like Roses are really difficult to press if they’re not in the perfect condition, and this is because they hold so much moisture. So it made sense to then just dry the flowers in their natural form. It improves the quality of the drying process, the flowers keep to their natural 3D shape, and it also makes the entire design look even more beautiful!

White and greenery wedding bouquet

How are they displayed?

The flowers are displayed in a deep frame without glass. You can choose to have a much deeper frame with glass over the design but the feedback we’ve had has proven that customers like the more shallow frames with the flowers exposed. Frames currently come in white or natural pine but we have just added an extra service where we can paint your frame to a specified colour. I’m dying to do a mustard coloured frame as I think it’d go so beautifully with the tone of dried flowers!

framed dried wedding bouquet

How long will a preserved bouquet last?

Forever…? – But we technically can’t say that. We’ve been preserving bouquets for 4 years now, so we can only really say until then. However, we recently got talking to a fabulous venue stylist at the Unconventional Wedding Festival who said she had her bouquet dry preserved and she’s been married 25 years, and we can confirm it looks exactly the same. So basically, a long time!

Do certain flowers work better than others, or can any flower be preserved?

Almost any flower can be preserved but some do dry better than others. The entire bouquet is dried but only the best preserved flowers make it into the frame. We now find ourselves in a booming wedding industry where creativity is rife, and therefore the types of flowers being used in bouquets can be rather unusual. We currently have a King Protea bouquet in the drying process. King Protea’s are a massive tropical flower which would be near to impossible to place in a frame due to the size and weight of the flower. For examples like this we would recommend placing the dried King Protea in a vase and have the rest of the flowers in the frame. If you have an usual plant material in your bouquet and would like to dry preserve it, please do contact us and we’ll see what we can suggest for you.

King protea bouquet and bride with floral crown
King Protea Bouquet – photo by  vickiclaysonphotography.com

What other services do Olive Owl Flowers offer?

The great thing about preserving flowers, is that you can go as creative and crazy as you like. We have a great local frame maker who can make frames up to any size. Perhaps you’d like all the bridesmaids bouquets preserved, or all the Groom and Groomsmen’s Buttonholes framed? The process doesn’t just have to stop at the Bridal Bouquet. We currently have flowers from funerals in the drying process also, so rather than just weddings, flowers can be preserved for anything with sentimental value.

Olive Owl Flowers is a Studio Florist based in Wigan, our Bouquet Preservation service is a add on business called Flowers Ever After. Our main service is wedding floral design and private or public workshops around the North West. Our floristry is very much wild, rustic and unique with beautiful colour combinations. We should also point out that our wedding couples do receive a discount from the bouquet preservation service.

What is the typical price range for bouquet preservation?

Most commonly, bridal bouquets come in 30x30cm frames which is £120 or £150 for a 40x40cm frame which would be recommended for larger bouquets or shower/cascading designs. For smaller frames for times when we preserve funeral flowers and customers only want a small selection of the flowers saving, these prices start from £50. Please get in contact for a quote if you’d like something preserving that we haven’t already mentioned.

Preserved wedding bouquet on display in a frame

You can get in touch with Sarah for all of your wedding flower and bouquet preservation needs! 


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