Wedding Hair Styles to Go With Hats – Love Your Hat Hair!

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Mother’s Day is getting closer, and it got us thinking about the wonderful mums and mum-like figures that attend all of the amazing weddings that we are a part of. Most of these lovely ladies like to go with fabulous hats on the wedding day! Sometimes, even the bride might choose to do a hat!

Deciding on a hairstyle to wear with a hat or large fascinator can be daunting. Will the ‘do balance with the hat? Will your hair look nice if you decide to remove your headpiece later in the day? I am going to give you my expert advice on choosing a hair style to complement your hat, and how to keep your style looking nice throughout the wedding day and evening.

Short Hair Wedding Hair Styles

Perhaps the simplest style to pair with a hat, keeping in short has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Your hair stylist can curl, tease, and spray your layers into a glamorous wedding style, but will that hold up under a hat? I would personally recommend that women with shorter hair wear a “hatinator” which is like a large fascinator on a band. They are light and comfortable to wear, and a thin band can be hidden within the hair. If you decide to remove it later in the evening, you won’t end up with the dreaded ‘hat hair’! If hatinators aren’t your thing, then consider a smaller hat that sits to one side of the head, so that your hair is visible. A massive hat plus short hair can make you look as if you have no hair at all.

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Long Wedding Hair Styles

If you have a bob to mid length hair, a simple blow dry looks super chic with any type of hat or accessory. If you want a softer look, softly wanding your locks into waves looks very pretty. For longer hair, you may want to opt for an up do. A low chignon suits hats best. If your hat or fascinator sits on one side, have the chignon sit on the other to create balance. Make sure that the crown of your hair is backcombed and sprayed well to give it structure that will last if you remove your hat. Keep the top and sides smooth, avoid plaits and twists that might be disturbed when you take your accessory off. 

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General Hat Hair Tips

Some suggestions for keeping your hair looking tidy if you decide that you cannot wear your hat into the night… Be careful when de-hatting, especially if it has been pinned onto your head. Take some spare hair grips just in case any come loose. A travel size can of hairspray and a (new) toothbrush will come in handy, spray the toothbrush and lightly comb over any flyaway hairs. 

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Will you be wearing a hat, a hatinator, or fascinator? Will you simply go with a decorative clip, or nothing at all? Send us a pic of your hat-friendly hairdo and we’ll pop it on our Instagram stories!

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