Wedding Photography Q&A: How long will my photographer be there?

Every wedding, and every wedding photographer are different, so this is one of those questions that’s a bit like how long is a piece of string.

Q: How long will my wedding photographer be there on the day?

A: From my experience, most brides and grooms want most of the day photographed, which is normally ceremony or bridal prep till first dance. But of course it will depend on what your wedding is like. If you’re eloping with just a few witnesses then you might just want the ceremony photographing. If dancing is your thing, you may want photos late into the night, capturing all of your guests embarrassing dance moves. If having photos taken while you’re getting ready sounds like the worst thing in the world to you, then you don’t need your photographer there for bridal prep, and that’s okay!

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Just like every other part of your wedding day, it’s up to you, it’s your choice how much of your day you want documenting.
It’s probably worth thinking about how much of the day you want photographing before you start looking for your photographer as this will help them to give you an accurate quote.

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But it’s also important to think about your budget. Even if you have a small budget, I highly recommend finding the best photographer you can rather than the cheapest. I hear so many times of couples who have chosen a photographer who is there for the whole day and includes all the bells and whistles, is cheap as chips so they think they’re getting a great deal… But then are SO disappointed when they see their photos. And unfortunately in these cases, you get what you pay for. If photography and having beautiful images is important to you, then take the time to consider your options, especially if you’ve found a photographer whose work you love! If you find someone whose work you love speak to them, meet them, find out more about the packages they offer and if your budget can accommodate it. If you can’t afford their full day package, Look at packages where they offer shorter coverage of just a few hours.

What’s better – having the whole day photographed by a photographer who was cheap, but disappointing or having just the most important moments of the day photographed by a photographer you love and who’s photos you’ll cherish forever?

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I base my packages on what’s most popular – ceremony to speeches or bridal prep to first dance, but I don’t treat my packages as the be all and end all. Every wedding is different and so is every wedding time line so I’m always happy to discuss longer or shorter coverage.

If you find a photographer you like, never be afraid to ask them about coverage different to what they list in their packages. Remember it’s your wedding day so your photographer should be there for as long or as little as you want.


If you have any questions about wedding photography,  or want to know more about the packages I offer then let’s chat!



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