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A shot list is something that many wedding photographers get asked about, and people have varying opinions. Lucy, our resident Liverpool Wedding Photographer was recently asked this question…

Q: I want to make sure my photographer captures all the important moments, should I give them a list of all the photographs I want?

A: In short my answer is no. You don’t need to give your photographer a list of every photograph you want.

Your photographer has done this before. They know that they need to capture all the little details – your shoes, flowers, table decorations etc. They also know that its their job to capture the big important moments. Find a photographer you trust and are confident in, and you’ll be able to relax with the knowledge that they will capture everything you need.

Liverpool Wedding Photographer Lucy Hannah Photography Liverpool Wedding Blog

That being said, if there are any particularly special items, heirlooms or surprises happening on the day, that your photographer might not automatically know to look out for, a little list of these will be useful.

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Liverpool Wedding Photographer Lucy Hannah Photography Liverpool Wedding Blog

As a Liverpool Wedding Photographer, my style is very natural and I like to keep group shots to as short a time as I can, so one list I do ask my brides and grooms for is a list of who they want included in formal shots. I know exactly who I need to gather up and can get the group shots taken quickly so everyone can get back to enjoying their champagne!


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