Wedding Planning Tips to Help You Stress Less

Wedding planning can be a wonderful experience, but also overwhelming and stressful at times. Our beauty expert Vicky recently completed a 12-week program with Margaret Bell from Revive and Refresh Health Coaching. She was so pleased with the outcomes, that she asked Margaret to share her top wedding planning tips to help couples feel better during the run up to their wedding day.


Yet once the date is set it can turn into a huge stressful and draining situation. There’s the venue to think of – too big/ too small, is it accessible, light and airy? Your wedding food, is there too much, too little, and everyone’s dietary requirements are a minefield alone! 

And then there’s you and your partner’s families, can Uncle Dave sit next to Aunt Sheila? Will cousin Stacy kick off if she is next to cousin Erica?!

What is supposed to be YOUR DAY has now been taken over by making sure everyone else is happy – but you! Which is leaving you stressed and quite frankly exhausted with the whole thing. 

It’s time to work on your stress and energy levels so you can take back your day.

Health coach advising a client
Margaret offers personalised health and well being coaching tailored to your needs and lifestyle

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Here I am going to share with you some fail-safe ways to reduce your stress and boost your energy, which are all included in my 12 week wedding program.

  1. Check your water – Are you tired or feeling hungry? Down a pint of water and see how you feel in five minutes. Chances are you were dehydrated.
  2.  Can’t sleep? — Turn off your TV/laptop/PC and phone an hour before bed. Do this frequently and your sleep should increase.
  3. Reaching for the sweets or chocolate? — Ask yourself,  ‘Am I hungry?’. If not try drinking water as you could just be tired. 
  4. Breathe!! – Check in with yourself a few times in the day, find a quiet spot to close your eyes and do a quick body scan, no judgement – just curiosity! Breath slow and deep throughout.
  5. Get outside – For at least 10 minutes each day, step outside and get some well needed fresh air. 10-20 minutes a day is enough to boost your natural vitamin D levels – your happy hormone!
Glass of water for hydration
Staying hydrated will help reduce stress eating and boost your energy levels.

To find out more about how my wedding program can reduce your stress, increase your energy, and have you looking and feeling your best best for your big day – naturally, visit me at or Instagram @margaretbellhealth. You can also contact me directly from my page on The Liverpool Wedding Blog Supplier Directory!

Health coach Margaret Bell
Photo by Lucy Hannah Photography

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