You’re my Wonderwall! Gorgeous Feature Walls for your Liverpool Wedding

I am in the throws of my own wedding planning and thinking about all the finishing touches you can add to your day to make it that little bit ‘extra’! I actually had no idea there were so many different types of decorative walls! Sure we’ve all heard of a flower wall made famous at Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West, now there’s a whole variety, have a look at some of these.

So let’s start with the now humble flower wall, which is the must have for most events so you have an amazing backdrop for all your selfies! But, flower walls don’t need to be boring. Check out Gorgeous Walls run by the lovely Kathy who supplies walls of all colours and sizes for your big day. There’s such a variety of flower type and colours, something to suit your overall wedding feel. They can even be personalised with your name or your event. Amazing!

Wedding Flower Wall by Gorgeous Walls Liverpool

Now I absolutely love this wall for something a little different from Impress Rooms, that’s right my lovelies, it’s made entirely of Pom Poms! Light, fluffy Pom Pom balls could be the backdrop for your wedding! Easily choose colours and sizes to fit your wedding!

Pom Pom Wedding Feature Wall by Impress Rooms

Here’s a wall I had no clue existed, but think we’ll be seeing a lot more of! Sign me up and take my money, it’s the prosecco wall! What a fab way to greet your guests to your reception venue with a lovely chilled glass of prosecco hanging on the wall looking all bubbly and delicious! Claire from Sister Sister Bouquets is super excited to be bringing this one to you.
Prosecco feature wall by Sister Sister Bouquets
Now definitely something else I can get on board with from Sister Sister Bouquets is the sweet wall! People are still enjoying a sweet table at their receptions, so why not have a fab pick n mix sweetie wall? Tasty and a talking point!
Sweet Wedding Feature wall by Sister Sister Bouquets
Here’s one of my faves, the Donut Wall! These are great on their own or with a sweet wall too for the ultimate sweetie feast! This wall is from Karen and the team at KRN Events, I was lucky enough to be at an open evening with them where I got to sample one of theses tasty treats, thanks guys!
Donut wedding feature wall by KRN Events Liverpool
A new wall I’ve not seen before is the cake backdrop wall! This one from KRN Events is just gorgeous with customisable lettering and writing, just the perfect backdrop for cutting in to your cake!

I genuinely never knew there were so many different kinds of walls to decorate your wedding day, if there’s any I’ve missed let me know, I’d love to know more!

Wedding Cake Backdrop by KRN Events Liverpool
Where to find these amazing walls!

Now back to my wedding planning!

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